Blog : Green Community Leaders

By Katie | Dec 18, 2014 | in

Allow me to reintroduce our newest level of membership, the Green Community Leaders.The launch of this new level occurred in November, and we were thrilled to get our very first Green Community Leader, Tom Boisvert. 

Tom has been a part of the GA for many years, assuming roles at important local businesses, including the launch of Community Toolbox and their community-centric Fix-It Program. Always there to land a helping hand while being a steward to the environment, it was only fitting that Tom lept at the opportunity to show his devotion to the GA. 

Now, Tom asks you all to join him, (they say it's lonely at the top, after all).

Since 2009 the GA has seen tremendous growth; signing over 100 Business Partners while gaining over 3,500 individual members from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts including over 115 Lifetime Sustaining Members. With this growth we realized we are surrounded by dedicated, green individuals and families in our local communities. We want to continue to grow, and we want Green Community Leaders (GLC) to help us grow.

We recognize the amazing efforts of citizens all around us, who strive to make their community more environmentally conscious. Whether through educational efforts, or proactively fighting for eco-friendly policies, these individuals show a leadership we are proud of, and they should be too.

The GLC is the highest level of membership offered in the GA and shows the utmost dedication to a sustainable community. This dedication will provide the financial means to the GA necessary to add more businesses from a spectrum of fields, and extend geographically -- all while pushing companies to make environmentally conscious business decisions and promoting the local economy.

So what is a Green Community Leader? Each membership will include:

  • $50 Gift Card to 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Manchester or Epping locations
  • $100 off first 3 cleans with Green Maids
  • Lifetime Membership in the GA; enjoy discounts without ever renewing!
  • Free Green Alliance tee shirt (adult or child)
  • Free Greening Your Family reference book by Seacoast author Lindsey Carmichael
  • Access to exclusive GA events
  • Permanent acknowledgment of your support on our website
  • A profile in our monthly e-newsletter
  • A blog post detailing your generosity and green spirit
  • Access to all Green Families Club benefits
  • and a Green Community Leader certificate!

Interested in joining Tom as a leader? Join as a Green Community Leader here