Blog : Great Deals from EZ Bikes & Scooters!

By Patrick Haigis | Dec 10, 2014 | in

Its never too early to start thinking about getting active this spring. That's why EZ Bikes & Scooters is offering great deals on their inventory this holiday season.

For the month of December EZ Bikes is offering $200 - $500 off every electric bike and scooter in stock! That's a great way to save on environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Worried about bringing the bike home and storing it through the winter months? They are also offering free delivery within 20 miles of the store and free storage of scooters purchased in the month of December!

Electric bicycles are great for people interested in cycling but who may not be prepared for the rolling New England landscape. They offer three options: ride like a regular bike and just pedal, pedal with the assistance of the motor, or let the motor do all of the work. This makes them perfect for riders of all experience levels.

Scooters and bikes are great ways to get more active in the Seacoast. Just a $5 tank of gas gives riders 100+ miles of travel. Scooters also have a history of reliability and require little maintenance. It comes as no surprise to us that electric bikes and scooters are the future of transportation.

Green Alliance members save $100 on a new bike or scooter, $50 on a used bike or scooter, and 20% on parts for repair!

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