Blog : Environmental Diaper Service Company Expands to All Laundry

By Sam | Dec 24, 2014 | in

By Patrick Haigis

Green Earth Baby Works  has established a reputation as an alternative to plastic-based disposable diapers. They take your used cloth diapers, clean them, and return them good as new. For years, they have been successful as an environmentally friendly cleaning service. Now, by popular demand, Green Earth Baby Works is expanding to offer linen and laundry service to local environmentally conscious commercial enterprises.

This summer, Green Earth Baby Works grew its operation to include additional machines and staffing to support the Green Earth Laundry Works (GELW) pilot program, which is now open for business. The program offers the same local environmentally conscious laundry service to businesses in the Seacoast area and southern New Hampshire.

Given the company’s background in environmentalism GELW is able to run with the same sustainable values as Green Earth Baby Works. GELW pays special attention to water heating and usage and reducing harsh chemicals and processes to make sure they are minimizing environmental harm every step of the way. They are also reviewing Ozone Systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and the reduction of chemicals. 

GELW is a customizable service for local businesses and commercial enterprises. At this time, they are limiting the number of customers so that we can assure that the high level of customer service is maintained. For customers, it is almost as if you have your own personal service at your disposal- at lower the cost.

Kim Leo, founder of Green Earth Baby Works and GELW, is working tirelessly to ensure the new project’s success.

“We’re very excited for our newest expansion,” said Leo. “Our commitment to green means, as we grow, we are working with our customers to keep our impact on the environment as small as possible. We do this by geographic routing, energy efficient machines and environmentally friendly detergent. “

GELW is currently accepting environmentally conscious clients interested in affordable and environmentally-friendly laundry care. So far, the company has worked with hotels, spas and salons, athletic facilities, some medical facilities, and food service companies.

You can call or email GELW to discuss your needs and get an exact quote.