Blog : Ultra Geothermal Offers Energy Star Rated Heat Recovery Ventilator

By Patrick Haigis | Nov 5, 2014 | in

Ultra Geothermal, known for their expertise in geothermal installations, has yet again proven their commitment to sustainability. The company has added The PH Imperial 7.15 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to their product lineup. HRVs are offered with all Ultra Geothermal system designs but are also used with conventional heating systems.

It's important to install HRVs in tightly built homes as a way to bring in fresh air and provide a safe and clean living environment to eliminate stale air, which causes black mold if there is moisture trapped in the home. During colder seasons, the unit’s heat recovery core (polypropylene core) will reclaim the heat from the outgoing stale air and use this heat to temper the incoming fresh air, which reduces the cost of effectively ventilating your home during winter. The HRV is strongly recommended when insulating to high standards so that you can allow fresh air into the home.

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