Blog : Sustaining Memberships Surpass the 100 Mark!

By Katie | Nov 5, 2014 | in

These past few months have been an incredibly exciting time for us at the Green Alliance. Through fun events, the appeal of great discounts to over 100 local businesses, and a growing sense of community, the GA has seen a huge spike in memberships. As the community of individuals continues to grow, we were almost blindsided while revamping our Sustaining Membership page (have you seen it yet?) to see the surge of Sustaining Members has pushed us to over 110 individuals! 

Currently, the Sustaining Membership is the highest level of membership offered from the Green Alliance (key word: currently, check back next week)! These individuals are truly dedicated to supporting the local economy and fighting for environmental issues. To see this number grow so quickly in the last few months, is truly inspiring. We are proud to bring together people so dedicated to going green, and know that this represents a bright future for not only the GA, but for the many towns we represent. 

 Without spoiling the surprise, we do want to share a bit of exciting news. After talking with several of our community members, we realized that the Lifetime Sustaining Membership leaves room for more... perhaps another level of dedication. While we appreciate the commitment we do believe we might just have some Green Community Leaders out there among us... 

Become a Sustaining Member today to receive a lifetime of discounts with all of our Green Business Partners! Or, better yet, keep your eyes peeled for next week's announcement as we unveil our newest level of membership!