Blog : Sarah's First (and likely far from last) Trip to 900 Degrees Pizzeria

By Anna | Nov 6, 2014 | in

Okay Green Alliance friends, gather round. I just experienced possibly world’s best pizza at GA Business 900 Degrees Pizzeria! It was my first time eating at the flagship restaurant in Manchester and the place was packed. The atmosphere was cozy and bright and our server was out of this world nice. Sadly, I was so busy chatting during my business meeting at 900 Degrees that I didn’t have a chance to partake in the pizza. When we got up to leave, I put an order in for 2 pizzas to eat on my way back to Portsmouth and to bring home to my family.

I’ll tell you, that pizza almost caused a few accidents while I raced back to GA HQ. True it was raining, which made the road conditions less than spectacular, but really it was the pizza. I got the Pompeii which is a spicy, wood fired affair covered in jalapenos, hot sausage and spicy Italian salami. I also tried the new specialty pizza which is graced with grilled chicken, figs and a balsamic drizzle, among other things. I’m ashamed to say that I had 5 pieces while I was driving… and consumed all 5 within pretty much the first 10 minutes of my drive back to Portsmouth.

If you live in the Manchester region or find yourself in Manchester on business, like I did on this rainy Thursday, 900 Degrees is a must! And don’t forget your Green Card! As a GA member, you’ll save 10 percent on all food and drinks at both 900 Degrees locations.

If you can’t make it up to Manchester, zip into 900 Degree’s new Epping location for all the same outstanding flavors and a similarly captivating atmosphere.

GA members save 10% on all food and drinks!

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