Blog : Our Green Business Learning Series

By Sam | Nov 21, 2014 | in

Last night, The Green Alliance held another installment of our Green Business Learning series, this time focusing on social media, hiring and firing, and energizing your workforce. The series was led by social media guru Cary Bowman of Social Kitchen and HR expert Mirjam IJtsma of Cultural Chemistry.

When we planned the event, we were at least a little worried people weren’t going to be interested in the material. We were pleasantly surprised; it was tough to keep them quiet! The questions were flying back and forth like a frenzied classroom of dilligent students.

Cary Bowman delivered the basics of the ever-changing game of social media. By the end of the presentation, the crash course had sparked peoples interest in expanding their social media presence to help grow their business. It warmed our hearts to see everyone taking out their phones and "checking in" to our event!

Up next was Mirjam IJtsma of Cultural Chemistry. There seemed to be one thing on people's minds: how do I fire an employee who's not working out without anger, hurt feelings, or a lawsuit?

State laws differ when it comes to legal protocol for firing employees. The language changes often, and many employers are unaware that they may be at risk of costing their business thousands of dollars. Our Business Parnters learned the best ways to let go of an employee who isn't a good fit for their business. We won't give away all of Mirjam's secrets, but here's a hint: communication is key.

We hold these events for our Business Partners because we believe they can learn and grow from each other, and we want to see each and every one of them succeed If you're a business owner, do yourself a favor and contact Social Kitchen or Cultural Chemistry - they're social media and HR rockstars, respectively, and they can do wonders getting your business running smoother and stronger. Also, you get a discount with both of them if you're a Green Alliance Member! Sign up here.