Blog : Jenaly Technology Group Green IT Item of the Month

By Madalyn | Nov 25, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group, Inc. is not you average IT company. They are dedicated to providing affordable IT solutions for businesses big and small while also providing much needed commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly choices.

The IT industry is notorious for needing a large amount of resources and energy for their products. Jenaly is striving to control and shrink its environmental impact. They accomplish this by providing systems management services which drastically reduce the amount of energy computers use and also provide effective document management skills which reduces the amount of paper required by an individual or a professional office. Jenaly themselves hope to one day be 100% digital.

Each month, Jenaly produces a newsletter with a bunch of wonderful IT advice and solutions. In the newsletter, there is also a Green IT item of the Month. For November the Green Item is LED Monitors: "Just like the new generation of LED lights, LED monitors are the most green monitors available. Not only are they energy efficient, they last longer are smaller and provide better resolutions, which make them easier on your eyes as well. Consider an upgrade to an LED monitor. They’re green and great!".

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