Blog : Introducing Green Earth Laundry Works

By Madalyn | Nov 20, 2014 | in

In a world that is constantly moving and looking towards the future, it is important to recognize those companies who make sure that their actions will have the right kind of impact for the best possible future.

Green Earth Laundry Works (GELW) is a small, local commercial laundry company that caters to a select clientele. GELW is a subsidiary company of Green Earth Baby Works, the only cloth diaper and retail delivery service in NH!

Now expanding their services, Green Earth Laundry Works makes the door-to-door experience of laundry easy for local businesses. But it does more than make it easy, it makes the laundry service personalized. GELW is explicit in their complete dedication to their clientele and make sure clients have the best possible experience of customer service. GELW have a small network of clients so that the services they receive are highly personalized; specifically, pick-ups can be scheduled to fit the client's schedule and needs.

GELW is a competitively priced, fast, local, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly business. They are able to handle large clients such as hotels, B&Bs, retirement homes, spas, salons, food service, and even limited medical facilities. The company is equipped to handle overload services and partner with other companies.

Green Earth Laundry Works and Green Earth Baby Works are dedicated to reducing the usage of harsh chemicals and residuals in their washes. Both companies are helping reduce their impact on the environment and in addition to offering wonderful, customizable services.

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