Blog : Get it Going's New "LOCAL" Tote Supports the Kittery Farmers' Market

By Katelyn | Nov 20, 2014 | in

The farm season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support the Kittery Farmers' Market in all four seasons. Get it Going is introducing their new “LOCAL” tote that features an awesome design by Kittery resident Caroline Couperthwait, who won the contest held at the Kittery Farmers' Market this summer.

The Kittery Farmers' Market was launched in 2013 by Dot Avery, a Kittery native and mother of four, who wanted to bring farm fresh products to families in her hometown. She now manages the market and works with local farmers and businesses in the area to provide residents access to locally grown produce and goods. Sales of the “LOCAL” tote will support the Kittery Farmers' Market with one dollar of each tote sold going back to the farmers market.

Get it Going is unique compared to most apparel and merchandise companies, as their main goal is to work with communities and consumers to develop encouraging and upbeat messages to be produced on their American made t-shirts. Consumers are able to design shirts, and other apparel, with a message they hope to spread to create optimism and encouragement in the community. Get it Going then donates one dollar back to organizations, teams, and other groups who want to “Get it Going” and move towards a more friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Through their efforts to increase community engagement and support, the company volunteers with organizations, charities, and at events to give back to the local community and help spread inspiration in the area.

Get it Going is committed to being a green business and works to be sustainable by purchasing responsibly sourced products all made in the USA. At the same time, they encourage community outreach to help local economies, and Get it Going employees are committed to living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Be sure to check out Get it Going for your next customized apparel needs and support a business that strives to give back to the local community!

Support the Kittery Farmers' Market through the purchase of a Get it Going “LOCAL” tote and show how much you care about purchasing locally grown products. With the holiday season coming up, the “LOCAL” tote also makes a great gift for your environmentally conscious friends and family members!

To learn more about Get It Going and how they strive to give back to the Seacoast community, click here.

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