Blog : Favorite Foods Rethinks "Big Food" Distribution

By Madalyn | Nov 6, 2014 | in

The American food provider system is largely dominated by big corporations, who care more about their capital gain than what ends up on their consumers' plates. Local company Favorite Foods is fighting against this “big food” way of thinking.

Favorite Foods is a local food provider out of Somersworth, NH that is an independent food distribution company that focuses on serving locally owned and operated restaurants and businesses. They have garnered a reputation for good service and, most importantly, good food.

The company offers a full service approach like the big conglomerate companies but with a more personal, socially responsible approach. They are so earnest, in fact, that they rejected an offer to be a provider for Applebees in Dover. The restaurant was franchised, but the owners of Favorite Foods did not feel comfortable supporting a large corporation.

In 2003, Favorite Foods launched the Favorite Independent Restaurant Association (FIRA), a program – similar to the Green Alliance – that supports local independent restaurants through marketing and promotions. The FIRA program is once of the amazing projects that truly shows Favorite Foods dedication to promoting local businesses and helping them to succeed.

Favorite Foods is truly a “one stop shopping,” as Director of Marketing Julie Cole puts it. They have a green catalog, which lumps together all of the various organic, green, and sustainable products – food and otherwise – offered to their cross-sectors clients. This is important because Favorite Foods does more than just provide companies with food, they provide them with all of their related needs.

Launched by the brothers Chris and Jeff Barstow in 1978 with little more than “a van and a plan,” Favorite Foods offers everything from small wares, paper products, and cleaning chemicals to dry groceries, meats, dairy products, and frozen goods.

Additionally, the company provides comprehensive consultation on everything from restaurant and menu design to customer tastes, costs, and business development strategies. Favorite Foods is truly an amazing company and worth checking out.

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