Blog : The Unique Maine Farms' Book Out Now!

By Madalyn | Oct 16, 2014 | in

Author and photographer Mary Quinn Doyle has traveled around Maine, taking pictures of numerous types of farms in the state of Maine. In her travels she visited 185 farms, a selection of 178 farms are featured in her recently published book, Unique Maine Farms'.

Farming and agriculture make up a significant percentage of industries in Maine. The book focuses on an array of farms throughout Maine including: organic/ conventional farms, school/ research farms, dairy farms, fiber farms, tree-related farms, and highly-diversified farms. The book contains 440 color photographs showcasing the beauty of different farms' plants, animals, and the people who tend to the land.

The book represents a variety of unique farms including those from four of Maine's native tribes and various aquaculture operations, to name a few of the farms featured. The wide selections in Doyle's book gives an extensive overview on the variety of farms and the significant presence of farming life in Maine.

It was extremely important to Doyle that the book support the local communities like those featured in her book. So, Unique Maine Farms' is printed in Maine, on paper farmed from Maine. Doyle felt that it was only right to support the local paper industry as well as Maine printers for a sustainable project.

Proceeds from book sales will be used to donate a complimentary copy of the book to every public library in Maine, and to support the educational outreach components of the Unique Maine Farms’ project which includes a traveling photo exhibit, slide show and discussion program, and interactive farm-related puppet show for young children.

The cost of Unique Maine Farms is $28.00 plus $1.54 for Maine sales tax and $3.65 for postage and handling for a total cost of $33.19 to have the book mailed. Payment by check or money order should please be made out to "Mary Doyle" and sent to Mary Doyle, 515 Garland Road, West Newfield, Maine 04095. For additional information, contact Mary at