Blog : Redhook Brewery 10% Tuesday to Benefit Blue Ocean Society!

By Katie | Oct 21, 2014 | in

Breweries and community giveback, may not seem to be synomynous. Breweries and local environmental protection organizations may seem even further apart; yet, Redhook Brewery combines all of these components effortlessly. Aside from making bold, flavorful beers and equally great foods, Redhook Brewery has made community support a part of its mission. Aside from the great things the Portsmouth-based brewery does to make the community greener, they also play host to the 10% Tuesdays program. Every Tuesday Redhook donates 10 percent of its profits to a local, New Hampshire non-profit organization. The recipient of this charitable giving this month is a fellow Green Alliance partner, the Blue Ocean Society.

Founded in 1996, Blue Ocean Society has become an indespinsible resource for researchers, environmental advocates and citizens of all ages thanks to a bevy of engaging and educational outreach programs. In 2012 alone, Blue Ocean Society headed 219 beach cleanups - all in an area extending from York, Maine to Salisbury, Massachusetts - in the process collecting 12,477 pounds of trash.

Redhook's charity give-back program has helped spread awareness for meaningful causes. The pub has in turn experienced more business on each Tuesday because friends and donators to each organization patronized the pub. A "multiplier effect" resulted from organizations teaming up to work together on this project. Many of the foundations featured in the 2013 program have returned for a second year. The program has improved community connections and benefited green, non-profit groups.

Green Alliance Members receive 10% off all food at Redhook!