Blog : New Sustaining Members receive NH Film Festival Passes!

By Sam | Oct 15, 2014 | in

The New Hampshire Film Festival is, to put it lightly, a big deal on the seacoast. People flock from all over New England and beyond to enjoy a weekend of amazing cinematography from independent New Hampshire directors and producers, as well as others across the country and the globe. 

In addition to all these amazing, locally-produced films, there are a number of inspiring and environmentally focused films, including Divide in Concord, the heroic story of 84-year old Jean Hill taking on the third largest industry in the world – bottled water.

The first two new Sustaining Members to join the Green Alliance each get a full weekend pass to the NH Film Festival - that's four days of films! These passes are valued at $75 each, and if you become a Sustaining Member of the Green Alliance, you'll receive a lifetime of discounts with our Business Partners, access to exclusive events, and all our love and affection. Sign up here to become a sustaining member, and then email to collect your ticket.