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By Madalyn | Oct 21, 2014 | in

Who: Green Maids

What: Launched in 2009, Green Maids is a residential and commercial green cleaning company that services New Hampshire and southern Maine. The company uses eco-friendly products and methods that are all-natural, biodegradable, Earth friendly, non-toxic, and EPA and Green Seal certified. Owner Johnmark O'Brien is adamant that keeping a home clean with organic or natural products can help alleviate, or prevent, respiratory illnesses, allergens and certain types of cancers. By making the switch to Green Maids, O'Brien says homeowners also contribute to the overall health of the environment; keeping harmful chemicals from leaching into the soil and drinking water sources. O'Brien purchased a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle as Green Maids' company car to lower auto emissions when traveling to different job sites.

Where: P.O. Box 349, York Harbor, Maine Call: (207) 361-4445


What makes it green:
• Uses only green, natural cleaning products.
• Cleaning products derived from organic materials such as plants.
• Each cleaning product used is EPA and Green Seal Certified.
• Prevents toxic chemicals from leaching into drinking water sources.
• Emphasizes that a clean home, without chemical use, can reduce health risks such as allergens, asthma and more.
• Company vehicle is a Toyota Prius to cut auto emissions.

This story was published in the Portsmouth Herald and can be found on the Seacoast Online website here.

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