Blog : A Look at Smuttynose's New Brewery

By Patrick Haigis | Oct 8, 2014 | in

Smuttynose’s newest brewery at Towle Farm has recently opened and is producing fine beers while still keeping true to the company’s strong environmental values. The 14-acre property houses areas for brewing at a 60,000 to 65,000 barrel capacity as well as a taste bar and restaurant. Here’s a quick look at the technical details of what really makes this brewery sustainable.

The building was directionally oriented to capture as much sunlight as possible, while lots of windows, solar tubes and an LED-lit on-demand lighting system further reduce the electrical need to light the facility. The LED banks include motion sensors and light level sensors and only turn on to compensate for a difference between natural light and specified amount of lumens needed for the space.

The new building is also reducing energy use through improvements in their compressed air system, variable frequency drives and installation of an ambient vaporizer to provide “free-cooling” to the warehouse. The site also has a system in place to capture waste heat from the glycol refrigerant system and apply the heat to with process water or interior spaces.

On top of that, there’s a stormwater treatment system on site that utilizes rain gardens and the plant stock to manage runoff from paved surfaces and prevent soil erosion.

Reused materials were used throughout the project, including lumber from trees harvested on-site, salvage timbers from existing buildings, and even plant material from original gardens. Smuttynose has also planted a small apple orchard on site and manage several colonies of bees onsite.

The new site at Towle Farm means Smuttynose can now look at new markets and bringing new markets that may take longer in the tank, like adding Vunderbar Pilsner as a year-round beer, which happened this summer. Smuttynose has recently expanded sales to Puerto Rico and shipments have gone to the UK, South Korea and Germany. Bouncy House IPA, the first new beer to come out of Towle Farm, is Smuttynose’s first new year-round beer in five years and its hitting the markets now. Make sure to go out and enjoy a beer that takes care of your tastebuds and the environment!