Blog : The Green Families Club Connects Like-Minded Environmental Families

By Katelyn | Oct 9, 2014 | in

While many people argue that adverse effects from human-caused environment degradation will not be felt for several years (and, probably not in their lifetime), families throughout New England are stepping up. Children are being taught environmental ethics more and more, by participating in enjoyable activities that help make their home a little bit greener. From harvesting their own vegetables, to adopting rescue pets, green families are sprouting up and making a change to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

The Green Families Club began in July 2012 and is based off of the same ideals as the Green Alliance (GA), built on the foundation of uniting environmentally conscious families in the GA. The goal is to give families better access to the green and sustainable options that are available to them in the New Hampshire Seacoast area. Members of the Green Families Club (GFC) can receive savings at more than 100 area businesses and are able to attend exclusive events hosted by the Green Alliance. In addition, this group serves as a way for families to meet others who have similar interests and share the desire to be more sustainable in their everyday lives.

Special events are hosted for GFC members such as family field trips and events like the Green Families Celebration & Farmer’s Market. This event was held in August to celebrate the two year anniversary of the club and featured food, games, and lives music for families to enjoy. Events like this give members the chance to network with each other and connect with like-minded people in the area that they may not meet otherwise.

This summer, the GFC hosted the first (hopefully annual) essay contest for children to write in and answer the question: “What activities did your family do this summer to better the environment.” Nearly twenty children from across New England wrote in about a wide variety of topics including recycling, bike riding, farm stands, and electric cars. Three winners were chosen from different age groups, and each young writer had great things to say about how they are helping the environment.

One of the winners, Eben Desilva wrote “My family and I ate local this summer. We grew our own vegetables and we got some from a CSA too. Our family also went to the farmers market. One reason that one should eat local is to support your local farmer, because he or she works very hard.”

Nicole Allen, who was also selected as a winner, described her experience spending a week at her grandmother’s house every summer and the steps they take to be more environmentally friendly, such as, composting, recycling, and biking as much as possible.

The stories sent to the Green Families Club showed how involved children can be in making more environmentally friendly choices and we have discovered that they love to see the impact their small changes can create. Joining the Green Families Club serves as a unique way to get families involved in making more green choices and gives them the opportunity to have a large selection of retailers to shop from at a special discounted price.

To learn more about the Green Families Club and to purchase your membership, click here!