Blog : Going Green: The Green Cocoon Offers Sustainable Insulation Options

By Madalyn | Oct 3, 2014 | in

The Green Cocoon was recently featured in the Cape Ann Lifestyle Magazine. Click here to read the full story or keep reading below:

By Nicholas Pierce

More than seven years ago, Jim Materkowski and Peter Strattner formed The Green Cocoon. At the time, ecofriendly building was coming to the forefront. The two friends flew out to the west to train and learn about spray foam products. Upon returning, they began the company from scratch in the town where they grew up. The wanted to keep close to home and get their start in the residential communities in Salisbury and the North Shore.

Strattner was the one who came up with The Green Cocoon name, and it was a stroke of genius. Insulation is the “cocoon” that wraps everyone's home in order to retain heat and energy. The company's mission is to be a leader in the industry and raise awareness about green living. Thus, The Green Cocoon brand was born.

The company's first job was right down the street from its current office on Ring's Island in Salisbury. Now, the company offers a variety of insulation products including soy spray foam, cellulose and denim insulation, and it does both residential and commercial projects.


Over the years, The Green Cocoon added these different products because of customer requests on different jobs. When a customer asked for cellulose insulation, the team obtained the necessary machinery and trained on the product so they could fulfill the customer's request.

The company typically works on residential buildings. These projects can last from a day to a full month, depending on the scope of the work. And since most of the work is from referrals, business is definitely growing. You can see the company's big blue truck everywhere. In July 2014, the company completed more than 40 different jobs.

Read the full story on Cape Ann Lifestyle Magazine here.

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