Blog : September 2014

Drafty House? Yankee Thermal Imaging Can Help

By Katie | Sep 4, 2014 | in

Our region is filled with the oldest properties in the country and while we enjoy the charm and appeal of our homes, we also find ourselves cranking up the heat or feeling embarrassed having people into our drafty house.

Yankee Thermal Imaging’s Home Comfort Savings Plan gives homeowners the maximum savings on the most common energy and heat loss areas in their home. Now through September 30 ANYONE in the Green Alliance community (you don't have to be card carrying member) gets $150 off this super Home Comfort Savings Plan simply by mentioning this post. Just email to get your $150 off! Learn more here.

So what is the Home Comfort Savings Plan (Instant Savings Program)?

Within the six hour process of delivering you a more comfortable home, Yankee Thermal Imaging completes a full energy audit (to diagnose problem areas), air sealing of your home, LED light bulbs, a programmable thermostat, weather stripping around windows and doors, aerators, insulating hot water lines, and a carbon monoxide detector. The savings for each year surpass $500 while contributing to less wear and longer life of your heating system and hot water heaters.

To learn more email and mention the Green Alliance to receive $150 off Home Savings Plan! 

Thank You, Coppal House Farm!

By Katie | Sep 4, 2014 | in

From the moment we arrived at Coppal House Farm, we were smitten. As soon as you make the turn from Route 155 into the drive of the farm, you are swept away by the beauty. Cascading branches block the sun as your car inches up the dirt road, forming dust clouds behind you as you leave your worries behind--if only for a few minutes.

We were greeted by impossibly beautiful (and gigantic) horses, happily neighing in their stalls. After marveling at the horses for a few moments the incredibly friendly staff came over to chat and tell us all about the horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and more who call Coppal House Farm their home.

GateWay Taiji Celebrating Two Years In Business

By Sam | Sep 4, 2014 | in

Two years ago, Bill Buckley brought his dream yoga studio to life in the historic Button Factory of Portsmouth. On September 27th, GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Yoga has a full day of free classes planned for the public in celebration of two years of business.

GateWay Taiji has given Portsmouth a unique opportunity to embrace several different styles of meditative, restorative, and self-defense practices, and with a strong base of local business, they have continued to spread the message of inner well being and teach the practice of enhancing balance, health, and mindfulness.

Environmental Recycling Event in Brentwood Open to 10 New Hampshire Communities

By Craig | Sep 4, 2014 | in

Each year there's a new electronic device we're itching to buy, whether its a smartphone, TV, tablet or computer, we're inundated with messages telling us to upgrade. So what happens when we do upgrade? Where does an old iPhone or laptop end up? Some consumers wipe the memory from their devices and donate their old equipment to charities that refurbish the technology. But sadly, many people throw their electronics out with the household trash, which can lead to both environmental and personal data issues.

On September 13 from 9 a.m. to noon, MetalWave, Inc. will support a large-scale recycling event located at the Brentwood Highway Shed on Middle Rd (Rte 111A) neighboring the Pilgrim United Church of Christ. Items to bring include any end-of-life IT products, from laptops, servers and PCs, to keyboards, mice, printers, hand-held electronics such as smart-phones, tablets, PDAs and household items like telephones and televisions. The event is open to New Hampshire residents living within the Southeast Regional Refuse Disposal District including; Brentwood, Fremont, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, New Castle, North Hampton, Rye, Sandown and South Hampton. Due to the popularity of the event, residents from outside these areas might risk being turned away.

GA Sustaining Member Foliage Sunset Sail on Gundalow

By Katie | Sep 4, 2014 | in

Much to our dismay, summer has come and gone. While the air crisps and the landscape turns a beautiful medley of oranges, reds, and yellow, it’s clear; New England’s most reputable season is on its way. There’s so much to enjoy about fall – the refreshing, comfortable temperatures, the smells of pumpkin and apple spice coming from nearly every kitchen (and coffee shop, brewery, bakery), and the vibrant colors that make every inch of New England postcard worthy. Foliage is at its peak for only a few weeks, and the Green Alliance wants to get members on the water to take in the beauty in its prime.

To sail into the most scenic season of the year, join the GA as a Sustaining Member, a GA membership that you never have to renew, and receive two tickets to the GA Foliage Sail on October 5! The Sustaining Membership is a lifetime membership to the GA and includes elite access to events, promotions, and networks. Since the GA’s creation in 2009, Sustaining Members have provided unwavering support to the GA’s mission to grow the local, green economy. This sail will not only provide magnificent views of Portsmouth amidst watercolor-foliage, but a picturesque sunset and great networking with those who are equally as committed to the conservation of the local environment and economy. All new Sustaining Members will receive two passes onto this one-time GA Foliage Sunset Sail. 

BioBlitz!: An Extreme Species Search in Odiorne Point State Park

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 3, 2014 | in

The Seacoast Science Center will hold its 12th annual BioBlitz on Saturday, September 20th from 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. BioBlitz is a daylong species scavenger hunt of Odiorne Point State Park, where the families explore alongside scientists and field naturalists to find and record data on as many different species in the Park as possible in one day.

BioBlitz offers exciting opportunities for all ages to gain knowledge and skill in their favorite area of nature. Exploration teams will be birding, searching for insects, snakes and amphibians, exploring the freshwater pond and salt marsh, tracking mammals, identifying plants and seaweeds, tide pooling and more. You can sign up to participate in all or part of the day.

BioBlitz is a great way to excite children about science and a rare opportunity to meet many passionate biologists working together. Odiorne’s 135 acres and seven distinctly different habitats make it a unique and fascinating place to explore and learn.

STAR Theatre Lecture Series Presents: An Inside Look at the Mount Washington Observatory

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 3, 2014 | in

Join Scot Henley, Executive Director of the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory, and get an intimate look into the workings of this great scientific institution and home to "the world's worst weather." Mount Washington Observatory is a private, non-profit scientific and educational institution. Its mission is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate, by maintaining its mountaintop weather station, conducting research and educational programs and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region. In April 1934, observers measured a wind gust of 231mph, which remains the highest wind speed ever observed by man.

Green Alliance Featured in NextGen Profile

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 3, 2014 | in

Green Alliance has been featured in an article posted by NextGen Climate. NextGen Climate is a non-partisan organization focused on bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics. The organization is committed to supporting candidates, elected officials and policymakers across the country that will take bold action on climate change. Read what they had to say about us below!

What do a beauty salon in Dover, a photography studio in Portsmouth, and a soda bottling company in Bedford all have in common? All three—Acorn Organic Salon, Tim Gaudreau Studios, and the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England—are members of the Green Alliance, an association of businesses and customers that is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and educating consumers about the impact of their choices. The Alliance boasts 107 other member companies across New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts—and that number is growing.

 “It makes economic sense,” Sarah Brown, the community activist and former Kittery Town Councilwoman who founded the Alliance, said. “Businesses care about sustainability and there are those who see the benefits of attracting consumers who care, too. We’re showing businesses that consumers care—and how they can increase their business through sustainable practices.”