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Save Energy, Cut Costs; Discounted Home Comfort Savings Plan from Yankee Thermal Imaging

By Katie | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Did you know that insulation is what keeps your house warm while air leakage is what drives those temperatures down? Yankee Thermal Imaging (YTI) has just the plan to limit the number of times your furnace turns on as the outdoor temperatures start to drop.

YTI's Home Comfort Savings Plan gives homeowners the maximum savings (a typical savings of more than $500 a year!) on the most common energy and heat loss areas in your home. Now through September 30 ANYONE in the Green Alliance community (you don't have to be card carrying member) gets $150 off this super Home Comfort Savings Plan simply by mentioning the Green Alliance. Send a message to or call 603-765-6648 to get your $150 off! Learn more here.

Get it Going Celebrates Newest Gigstar

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Get it Going is highlighting its newest GiGstar, Josh Andrews! Get it going is a lifestyle brand offering apparel that is responsibly sourced and made in the USA. Their mission is simple- put on your GiG shirt, hop on the bus, and make it happen. GiGstars are people who are living that mission and getting active, turning their dreams into reality in the name of positive change. Josh is one half of the Pedal for Power cycling team that recently completed a 2,000-mile trip down the West Coast.

The goal of the trek from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, California is to raise $50,000 for a complete installation of a solar electric power system at the nonprofit Cross Roads House, a homeless and transitional living shelter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Josh is a firm believer in clean energy for our future. He sees conserving the environment as “part of our everyday routine.” “This project is a way to inspire the community that I live in that there are renewable energy sources available,” Josh says.

Redhook Brewery's Electric Car Charging Station Ribbon Cutting!

By Katie | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Redhook Brewery has green on their mind! 

A partnership with PSNH has brought an electric car charging station to the Redhook Brewery. Located in front of the Cataqua Pub, the station, a 30-Amp, 240V station, can provide approximately 30 miles of driving after 1-hour charge to most vehicles. The station will be powered by wind power RECs that the brewery is purchasing (and also implementing for ALL of Redhook's electrical needs). Talk about eleminating carbon emissions! 

In celebration of this green initiative, Redhook and PSNH will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, September 16th at 2 p.m. After the ribbon cutting, there will be a party complete with beers and appetizers in the outdoor dining area. 

Whether you own an electric car (and want to come get a free charge) or are interested in the green efforts of this local business, this will be a great event to stop by. You can learn more about the extensive efforts Redhook has gone through to continue to go green, and to help their customers go green. 

Green Alliance members, receive 10% off all food at Redhook! 

The Green Story: 900 Degrees

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Green Alliance is a proud partner with 900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzeria, a Pizzeria with strong environmental values. Because of 900 Degrees' commitment to local ingredients and environmental conservation they are ranked Blossom. Green Alliance evaluates businesses' commitment to environmental sustainability through assessments of production and service, supply chain management, employment, investment, community relations and vendors.

There are many reasons for why three in five restaurants fail within five years of throwing open the doors: overly ambitious business plans, tough competition, lack of a coherent marketing strategy. The list goes on.

More often than not, however, it’s the daily margins – how much you’re making on every burger, salad, or sundae – that prove the impossible puzzle. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that going green out of the gate is seen by many a restaurateur as a dangerous luxury, a way to all but guarantee a quick- ticking clock to broke and belly up.

Priscilla Lane-Rondeau never bought into that false equivalency, and her business – Manchester’s famed 900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzeria, which opened a second location in Epping last winter – is about to go to the next level because of it.

Submit Your Work to Portsmouth Short Film Night!

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Interested in showing your short film to an audience? The next Portsmouth Short Film Night is happening in Thursday October 30 at Portsmouth Public Media, 280 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH and they want to show your film! They are looking for shorts of any genre (or un-genre) from independent filmmakers interested in screening their film to an audience. That’s why you made it, right? Particularly, they are looking for films with a spooky feel for our Halloween Special! The night is a free event, open to anyone who enjoys watching shorts and talking film. It’s all about getting filmmakers together to show off their work, have fun, meet like-minded people, and maybe even be inspired. If that sounds like your cup of tea, why not send in your film? To submit, or for more details click here. Deadline is October 10. You can like Portsmouth Short Film Night on Facebook or follow them @PSFN.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Site Structures Landscape, Inc.

By Craig | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Who: Site Structures Landscapes, Inc.

What: Site Structures operates their thriving operation out of Eliot, Maine where crews are specialized – hardscaping (stone, pavement, brick, and the like) and landscaping (lawns, gardens, trees, etc.) for a beautiful looking property. Over the years, Site Structure's operation has grown to include a number of cutting edge sustainable techniques and practices providing a truly green yard space. From sustainable landscape designs to chemical-free alternatives, storm water management to rain garden implementation, sourcing local products whenever possible to powering their fleet vehicles with biodiesel, the folks at Site Structures go to great lengths to assure that no green stone is left unturned.

Where: 113 Government St. Kittery, Maine


ENH Power Green Story

By Theresa | Sep 9, 2014 | in

ENH Power, part of the Provider Power family of companies, has incorporated sustainability, community involvement, and affordability into their business model. As a Competitive Energy Supplier (CES), ENH Power purchases electricity from the New England Power Pool. This allows ENH to provide their customers fixed electricity rates at competitive prices. Along with traditionally sourced energy, ENH Power offers Coal Free and “Pure Green” plans. These plans allow environmentally conscious energy users to apply their green ideals to their power choices.

According to Will Fessenden, Director of Media Strategy, ENH Power’s green choices are a reflection of New Hampshire’s sustainability-minded community. “It was evident early on that New Hampshire customers want a green alternative, and we’re glad to provide that for them,” explains Will. Due to electricity deregulation and electricity choice, New Hampshire customers have the opportunity to select their electricity supply company. Consumers keep their electric utility (responsible for the poles, meters, and infrastructure), however consumers can choose who provides their power. 

Jazz Brunch at Historic Oceanic Hotel on Star Island!

By Katie | Sep 9, 2014 | in

The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company is proud to offer cruises for spectators to view the GoSport Regatta on Saturday, September 20. The infamous M/V Thomas Laighton will be leaving from Portsmouth at 10:25 a.m. and will bring spectators to Star Island to witness this epic race. Spectators will also have the unique opportunity to stay overnight on Star Island, and return the following day on the Isles of Shoals’ final walking tour of Star Island this season.

The September 21 walking tour will include a special brunch accompanied by live jazz music at the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island, and is open to those who opt to stay overnight on Star Island following the regatta, as well as anyone leaving from Portsmouth that morning. The cruise departs at 9:55 a.m. from Isles of Shoals Steamship Company’s headquarters on Market Street in Portsmouth. The expertly narrated walking tour dives into the history of the island, including the charting of the Isles in 1614 by Captain John Smith.

After a 30 minute guided tour of Star Island, brunch will be served at the historic Oceanic Hotel accompanied by sweet jazz music. The menu includes a smoked salmon platter, scrambled eggs, various salads, baked pastries, and more. Following brunch, guests will still have plenty of time to explore Star Island themselves.

Sagamore Golf renews with the Green Alliance!

By Sam | Sep 8, 2014 | in

If you’ve been keeping up with us this summer, you’ll know that Sagamore Golf has done awesome things, notably spearheading the FootGolf movement in New England. As always, though, they are the place to go in the seacoast if you want to golf on a course that’s not only affordable, but also guaranteed not to be treated with heavy chemicals.

And now, you’ll be able to get your Green Alliance discount at Sagamore for another year! There’s still plenty of time to use your member card to get 15% off green fees on weekdays, get a free small bucket of balls with a big bucket at the driving range, or play a round of mini-golf with the family (your fourth ticket is free)! Here's to another year of great green golf at Sagamore!

People's Climate March in NYC

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 5, 2014 | in

World leaders will be gathering at the UN for a summit on the climate crisis at the end of September. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is urging governments to support an ambitious goal to dramatically reduce global warming pollution. With many leaders in in the city the attention of the global media will be on New York. The People's Climate March is our chance to put public pressure on policy makers and show them that the public supports putting an end to climate change. Trains and buses will be bringing people from across the country to the march. The event will host over 1,000 businesses, unions, faith groups, schools, social justice groups, environmental groups and more as well as thousands more individuals gathering to peacefully flood the streets in historic numbers. 

The People's Climate March is part of a larger People's Global Mobilization to prove that the entire world supports the fight against climate change. It is a demand for action to create a world with an economy that works for the people and the planet - now. Rallys, marches and events will be taking place across the globe to take action towards creating a world safe from the dangers of climate change.

Meet a Green Alliance Business

By Patrick Haigis | Sep 5, 2014 | in

Who: Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England

What: The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE), a franchise of its parent company, is leading the way in sustainable practices for a large-scale manufacturing and distribution facility. Based in Londonderry, CCNNE works to reduce their carbon footprint in the creation and delivery of their products. The plant boasts a 93 percent recycling diversion rate and in 2013 sold over 12 million pounds of recycled commodities, working closely with Hampton, New Hampshire's Foss Manufacturing to process its recycled bottles and turn them into usable material. Its unique Energy Management Systems installed in the company's coolers and used in stores and restaurants, reduces clients' energy use by 35 percent. The company also invests in the community, such as sponsoring a full recycling station at the Special Olympics and spreading awareness about the impact recycling has both locally and globally.

Little Green Homes Increasingly Popular

By Craig | Sep 4, 2014 | in

By Michael McCord

A recent trend in sustainable housing is also one of the most obvious – building smaller from the beginning.

A case in point is a recently completed home on Kittery Point designed and built by Greenland-based Little Green Homes. “The family had a home in Portsmouth but they wanted to downsize quite a bit,” said Jeff Stacy, business partner at Little Green Homes.

Late in 2013, the Portsmouth couple approached Stacy and fellow business partner Chris Redmond with their vision and goals for their new home for the two-adult, one-child family. The result is a comfortable two-story, two-bedroom home totaling 1,150 square feet built with as much recycled and reused material as possible – which included parts from an old barn.

The new structure has a cupola, sliding glass door for a wide natural view, and a durable metal roof. It also maximizes space utility and leverages insulation to create a comfortable, energy efficient home.

“They (the family) were big part of the collaboration and it was exciting to bring their ideas to life,” Stacy said. “Part of their goal was to simplify and they are very happy with the outcome.” Construction began in the spring and the home was ready to occupy in early August.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to build a house like this,” he explained. “The homeowners had so many original ideas and details to incorporate like reclaimed barn boards walls, built-ins and a suspended cargo net that doubles as a family size hammock, to name a few, and it was a challenge budget-wise to pull it all together, but it was an exciting project and a cool experience.”

Charting the Ocean: Blue Ocean Society Discover NH Sea Life

By Sam | Sep 4, 2014 | in

By Ali Plankey

The ocean is a vast mystery. Marine naturalists Jen Kennedy and Dianna Schulte watched as the ocean – which makes up 70 percent of the Earth - was polluted and littered, overfished, and slowly degraded, until they could no longer sit back and consciously let the destruction continue. In 2001, they set out to raise awareness about local ocean life.

Kennedy and Schulte founded the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and made it their own personal missions to protect marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine. With the power of education they have slowly, but steadily, increased research and conservation efforts in the Gulf of Maine.

“We wanted to start the Blue Ocean Society so we could produce our own data, and have an outreach component, really try to get that data to the public in as close to real time as possible,” says Kennedy.

Proulx Oil & Propane Offers Price Protection Plans to Customers

By Craig | Sep 4, 2014 | in

New England winters are often long and cold. That's not a secret. With The Old Farmer's Almanac calling for a colder season than usual, including above-normal snowfall in the northeast, many New Hampshire residents are thinking about their fuel costs early. To help homeowners prepare, Proulx Oil & Propane is offering different fixed-rate plans for their selection of home heating options including oil, biofuel and propane, an environmentally friendly option that is growing in popularity.

"Our goal is to get our customers prepared for the winter months with flexible payment plans and capped rates so they aren’t getting hit with a large heating bill during the three or four coldest months of the year,” said Maribeth Girard, Proulx's Marketing Assistant.
“Propane prices last winter went higher than usual, due to the weather demands and the significant corn harvesting and drying that was done last fall by Midwest farmers using propane to fuel their machinery,” Girard added.

The rise in propane prices were also a result of the fuel's popularity overseas where it is sold by the U.S. However, off-season prices have driven up the demand for propane in New England. Proulx offers a fixed-rate program that allows customers to buy propane and oil at this lower cost. The company also offers budget plans covering 12-months of payments.

“Many of our customers who bought into one of our fixed-rate programs saved some serious money with some saving up to $600 over the course of the season," Girard said.

Green Olives: Two Ceres Street Cocktail Lounge Specializes in Sustainable Design

By Sam | Sep 4, 2014 | in

It’s just before 8:00 p.m. on a Friday, and the decks of Poco’s Bow Street Cantina are quickly filling up. Inside, the soft glow of the sunset melts into the warm LED lamplight at Two Ceres Street, a cocktail lounge nestled inside Poco’s. Guests can sit in low chairs and gaze out at the waterfront, feeling the breeze blow in through the opened glass wall. During the winter months, Two Ceres Street is its own, separate entity, but between mid-May and September, the two establishments combine.

Two Ceres Street is transformative; it literally changes shape with the seasons. During the cold months, it’s a cozy hideout to snuggle up next to a martini in front of a roaring fireplace, complete with deep leather chairs and corner nooks. When late spring comes around, the glass doors open to a deck; the high-top martini tables and large leather couch are removed, and Two Ceres merges with Poco’s Bow Street Catina, giving its intimate lounge atmosphere some space to breathe.