Blog : Yankee Thermal Imaging Offers Huge Discount on the Home Comfort Savings Plan

By Katelyn | Sep 25, 2014 | in

Weather forecasters are predicting another blustery New England winter this year, which means your furnace will be kicking on before you know it (if it hasn’t already). Residents who have had a full energy audit conducted by Yankee Thermal Imaging lessen their worry of heat escaping during the winter months, saving them money on their energy demands.

Yankee Thermal Imaging developed the Home Comfort Savings Plan to save homeowners money by making their home more energy efficient both from the inside and the outside. This plan includes a full energy audit to determine where air is escaping from, as well as the installation of various measures to save you money right away, such as: air sealing, weather stripping, pipe wire, and LED light bulbs. The professionals at YTI work to improve your home’s energy efficiency, which ends up saving you more than $500 per year!

From now until October 6th you can save $150 off the price of the Home Comfort Savings Plan by mentioning the Green Alliance. This deal is open to anyone in the Green Alliance Community, and you do not have to be a card member to receive the discounted price.

To learn more about the hefty discount and Yankee Thermal Imaging you can contact them at, call (603)765- 6648, or read about YTI online here.

The $150 savings offer is only available until October 6th, so contact YTI today and don’t forget to mention the Green Alliance to receive the discount!