Blog : Thank You, Coppal House Farm!

By Katie | Sep 4, 2014 | in

From the moment we arrived at Coppal House Farm, we were smitten. As soon as you make the turn from Route 155 into the drive of the farm, you are swept away by the beauty. Cascading branches block the sun as your car inches up the dirt road, forming dust clouds behind you as you leave your worries behind--if only for a few minutes.

We were greeted by impossibly beautiful (and gigantic) horses, happily neighing in their stalls. After marveling at the horses for a few moments the incredibly friendly staff came over to chat and tell us all about the horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and more who call Coppal House Farm their home.

Meghan, a Coppal House employee, told us she would happily escort us to the field where the sunflowers were located, where we would do our Green Alliance staff photo shoot, but that should would not be able to stay as they were busy picking fresh fruits and vegetables for that afternoon's two farmer's markets.

Once in our trucks, we drove to the sunflower field. Talk about fields of gold. The flowers were so beautiful, and the surroundings so idyllic, it made it nearly impossible to get a bad photo. Soon after we wrapped the shoot, Farmer John (who owns the farm with wife, Carol) rode down on his tractor to introduce himself to the GA Staff. He shared the process of how the sunflowers will soon be cut and used to make sunflower oil, while the remaining proteins will be fed to the pigs. Not a single thing in that endless field would go to waste; something we at the GA greatly respect.

The friendly staff at Coppal House Farm is excited to meet more of the Green Alliance community. Perhaps you have heard about their incredible corn mazes before? This year they are offering a dual-corn maze with two separate mazes connecting to make one giant challenge! Heck, why not make a day of it?! There are picnic tables available as well as an incredibly impressive farm stand! The maze is officially open 7 days a week and even offers special flash-light corn mazes (which include a bon-fire, homemade cider, and complimentary donuts)!

The farm stand at Coppal House Farm is open Monday-Friday 12 - 5 p.m. and offers Coppal's own pork, lamb, chicken, beef, eggs, canola oil, sunflower oil, and a variety of vegetables, including sweet corn.

To learn more about Coppal House Farm visit their website at!

A huge thank you, again, to everyone at Coppal House Farm for their hospitality and allowing us to use their gorgeous sunflowers in our photo shoot! We can not wait to visit again!