Blog : Save Energy, Cut Costs; Discounted Home Comfort Savings Plan from Yankee Thermal Imaging

By Katie | Sep 10, 2014 | in

Did you know that insulation is what keeps your house warm while air leakage is what drives those temperatures down? Yankee Thermal Imaging (YTI) has just the plan to limit the number of times your furnace turns on as the outdoor temperatures start to drop.

YTI's Home Comfort Savings Plan gives homeowners the maximum savings (a typical savings of more than $500 a year!) on the most common energy and heat loss areas in your home. Now through September 30 ANYONE in the Green Alliance community (you don't have to be card carrying member) gets $150 off this super Home Comfort Savings Plan simply by mentioning the Green Alliance. Send a message to or call 603-765-6648 to get your $150 off! Learn more here.

 Within the six hour process of delivering you a more comfortable home, Yankee Thermal Imaging completes a full energy audit (to diagnose problem areas). This includes air sealing your home, installing LED lights and a programmable thermostat, weather stripping around windows and doors, adding aerators, insulating hot water lines, and installing a carbon monoxide detector. Once done, the savings for each year surpass $500 while contributing to less wear and tear and thus, a longer life for your heating system and hot water heaters.

This generous discount is only good through September 30th, so email today to schedule your appointment. Be sure to mention the GA in your email to receive $150 off this energy saving plan!