Blog : It's Getting Cold Out There...

By Katie | Sep 24, 2014 | in

Quickly, the sunscreen has been replaced with scarves and layers, and the A/C... well you can forget about that. It's New England, after all, and our hot and humid days won't be back for another nine months. It's time to start thinking about heating, rather than cooling. 

Proulx Oil and Propane wants to ensure you stay warm this winter. If the thirty degree drop over the last three weeks is any indication, it appears we are in for a cold one, too. As Proulx renews with the Green Alliance for another year, they are offering an exclusive discount for those looking to make the switch from oil to propane. Those who switch from an existing oil boiler or furance to a new propane powered boiler or furnace will be eligible to receive a $1,000 rebate on the conversion. When you combine this with the savings in switching from oil to a cheaper propane, this switch can save you thousands! 

Proulx has been committed to the green commuity for a long time; seemingly an anomaly from the majority in the oil world. Their commitment is evident in the use of Heat Force which is added to all oil products to ensure they burn cleaner. This not only makes emissions greener, but also saves customers money by reducing service calls and using less fuel. It's a win-win! 

Those that have made the switch to propane already will atest to the benefits. Not only do you save money on the cost of energy, but your tank can be outdoors, making your home even that much quitier and cozier. Plus, propane burns cleaner than oil, making you an even greener citizen! 

The Green Alliance is thrilled to welcome Proulx Oil & Propane as well as Proulx AutoGas back for another year! As a GA Member, receive 7 cents off posted per-gallon price of B5 Heating Oil and 10 to 25 cents off posted price for propane!