Blog : Inaugural "Plug-In" at Redhook Brewery

By Madalyn | Sep 18, 2014 | in

New Hampshire residents are getting charged up this week in Portsmouth. That is, drivers of electric vehicles (EV) are getting charged up because they now have access to a brand new charging station. The station is located at the Redhook Brewery at the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H. Even more exciting, Redhook is able to offer this amenity to the public free of charge!

This wonderful service for EV drivers was made possible by the partnership between Redhook Brewery and Public Services of New Hampshire (PSNH). PSNH is presenting Redhook with a $3,000 rebate for their charging station in the hope that it will help grow the EV market in N.H.

The electric vehicle market is growing. Facilities that offer charging stations like the one located at the Redhook are instrumental in maintaining that growth in N.H. An important player at the event was Watson Collins, EV Project Manager for PSNH parent company Northeast Utilities. He commented on the importance of developing the EV movement further for the future of N.H. and for N.H. residents energy consumption.

Another intrinsic player in the Redhook Brewery Inaugural Plug-In was the Green Alliance. Green Alliance Director Sarah Brown was present at the event to offer Green Cards to the first ten electric car owners to use the charging station. Brown was quoted saying, “We are so honored to work with companies like Redhook; companies that are in the forefront of not only sustainability, but also community giveback. As a Green Alliance green-certified company, Redhook has just added another notch in its belt for environmental stewardship and community engagement”.

The charging station at Pease International Tradeport is just the beginning for the Redhook and PSNH partnership. There are four more charging stations that are planned for the future- this is only the beginning for this bright partnership and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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