Blog : Green Earth Baby Works Launches Laundry Service!

By Katie | Sep 17, 2014 | in

For years Green Earth Baby Works (GEBW) has been providing cloth diaper services to the Seacoast; delivering fresh, clean linen diapers and picking up dirty ones. GEBW not only provides families with door-to-door service but it has kept numerous disposable diapers out of landfills, waterways, and our natural environment. 

Now, Kim Leo, the owner of GEBW is building upon her green credentials. 

Green Earth Laundry Works (GELW) has officially launched, and is providing linen service to all hotels, restaurants, spas, gyms, and cleaning companies. The sister company to GEBW will be continuing their door-to-door service, picking up dirty linens and cleaning them with green-certified detergents on energy efficient machines. 


The beauty of this new plan is that it is completely customizable to the business. Whether your company needs linen services daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or anywhere in between, GELW can work around your needs. GELW is purposely limiting the number of clients serviced, as to guarantee prompt turn-around time on linens and that the highest level of customer service is maintained. Businesses within the Green Alliance will also be eligible for a special GA discount! 

To assure your company is green, clean and an efficent machine, contact Kim Leo today to discuss a plan that will suit your business's needs. 

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