Blog : GateWay Taiji Celebrating Two Years In Business

By Sam | Sep 22, 2014 | in

Two years ago, Bill Buckley brought his dream yoga studio to life in the historic Button Factory of Portsmouth. On September 27th, GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Yoga has a full day of free classes planned for the public in celebration of two years of business.

GateWay Taiji has given Portsmouth a unique opportunity to embrace several different styles of meditative, restorative, and self-defense practices, and with a strong base of local business, they have continued to spread the message of inner well being and teach the practice of enhancing balance, health, and mindfulness.

GateWay’s two-year anniversary party starts at 10:00 a.m. with a series of sampler yoga sessions focused on helping improve different parts of peoples’ lives, be it balance, energy levels, sense of power, or creativity, followed by an open house tour of the studio and a meet-and-greet with the instructors. The rest of the day will include sampler Taiji and Qigong classes taught by owner Bill Buckley and instructor Marsha Carr.

Qigong (pronouncd Chee-Kung) is a traditional Chinese practice of finding one’s “chi,” and is as diverse as it is popular at GateWay. Qigong has many applications, such as training the mind to concentrate and focus, loosening joints, strengthening ligaments, and more. GateWay offers Qigong and Taiji for all skill levels.


Taiji is a practice to enhance flexibility, balance, circulation, and body awareness. It takes a different approach to exercise, focusing on the joints, ligaments and tendons rather than major muscle groups. And unlike other “drop-in” Taiji classes, GateWay has an introductory program that will take you from start to finish in ten sessions, when mastering the Taiji practice may otherwise take several months.

In addition to being committed to physical and mental sustainability, GateWay is outfitted to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Last year, GateWay installed solar panels on its roof that take care of 98% of all its energy needs, and the studio features a fully sustainable design. Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga studio transcends the spiritual depth of martial arts not just through their classes but also with their community involvement and partnership with the Green Alliance.

GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Yoga is located at 875 Islington Street. For more information, visit or call 603-610-9395.