Blog : The Fall Science Cafés in Portsmouth at Portsmouth Brewery

By Madalyn | Sep 30, 2014 | in

The Portsmouth Brewery is hosting the Portsmouth Science Café on October 8th and 29th in the Brewery’s Jimmy LaPanza Lounge. Both events are hosted by UNH faculty member Cameron Wake, research associate professor in Climatology and Glaciology.

The topic of discussion on the 8th is- Space Weather: Radiation with a chance of solar flares. The discussion features astrophysicists and UNH faculty members, Harlan Spence and Antoinette Galvin, who will share their expertise on solar weather. They will discuss how solar flares, and more particularly, solar weather are much more than a beautiful visual phenomenon.

Solar weather can have a significant impact on everyday life. Solar weather is marked by extreme bursts of energy which can negatively effect satellites, radio waves, and even airplane traffic control. The magnitude of the effect that solar weather events can have and our developing understaning of the universe, will absolutely lead to interesting discussions. 

The topic of discussion on the 29th is- Superman or Clark Kent: What kind of bystander are you?. This event will feature UNH faculty members Sharyn Potter, professor of sociology, and Victoria Banyard, professor of psychology. Both professors have an extensive background in significant areas of research: Potter is currently the primary investigator of a research study identified in the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and Banyard is part of a research team that has received funding from the NIJ, DOJ and CDC.

They will discuss topics relating to interpersonal violence and ways in which the violence can be prevented and ideally eradicated for good. It is important to facilitate discussions such as these because it opens the door to the future discussion, increases accessiblitly for those in need, and creates bystanders who are more willing to help.

Both discussions are free and open to the public; the doors will open and hour early for visitors to purchase food and drinks if desired. Come and be a part of the discussion.

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