Blog : A Day in the Life at Mary's Dogs Inn

By Katelyn | Sep 16, 2014 | in

Its 7:00 a.m., I’m in the backseat of my mom’s car, peaking my head out the window trying to catch the wind in my mouth. We take a left into my second home, and my tail starts to wag with excitement. Another day with my friends! Mom stops the car, takes my leash and I sprint to the door to see who has arrived already!

Once inside, my mom hands me off and leaves, but I don’t mind. The humans here are so nice, plus I have so much room to run around and play with my friends, that I hardly even notice she is gone. After getting my toys, catching up with my friends, and meeting the new dogs, I am let out… I didn’t even realize I had to go to the bathroom! These humans seem to read my mind. It’s only 7:45 and they already are treating me like a princess. There are only nine other dogs here, so I know I’ll get plenty of attention.

When I come back in from using the bathroom, I know what time it is (talk about a salivating dog)… I really love breakfast time, and while I love my friends, I appreciate having this time alone—not that I’m not a great sharer, but I definitely prefer to not share.

After eating I reunite with my friends for playtime outside! It’s a gorgeous day out, and I love breathing in the fresh air. But boy, does it tire me out! I’m a little bit older; however, I only go out for a little bit and then decide to join my quieter friends for some nice R&R. I hear Mary playing the piano and a spot on my favorite couch… the recipe for a perfect nap. I wake up some time later and enjoy some homemade stew while my friends work on a Kong toy.

The afternoon is probably my favorite time of day… a few dogs leave early, and a few more come in for the rest of the day. We get to play some more; chasing tennis balls, playing tug-of-war, and all the fun things you can think of! I still have friends inside, who prefer to lounge throughout the day.

All the fetching has me building up an appetite again! I’m fed dinner around 5 p.m., again in my own little area. Some of the other dogs eat a little earlier and some a little later. I guess it just depends on when they usually eat at home! I chow down and after a few minutes, I’m ready to hang out some more.

When I first started staying at the Inn, I was a little nervous about sleeping away from my family. After my first night, I got used to it very quickly. I get a nightlight on my nightstand, which helped to ease my nerves. It doesn’t feel like a kennel, where I’ve stayed a few times before, but just like home. I hate to be away from my family, and can’t wait to see them again soon, but if they are going to have to go away… this is the only place I want to stay!

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