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Calling All Green Families For Celebration & Farmer’s Market August 27th

By Ali | Aug 8, 2014 | in

This summer the Green Alliance is celebrating the 2nd birthday of the Green Alliance Green Families Club. On Wednesday, August 27th from 4 – 7 p.m. the Green Alliance will be hosting a Green Families Celebration and Farmer’s Market in Kittery at the regular Wednesday Kittery Famers Market location at 10 Shapleigh Rd. The bash is free and open to the public.

“This year we have collaborated with the Kittery Farmers Market to create a 2-in-1 event that is both a green fest and a farmers market so that young and old and everyone in between can support local farmers and pick up fresh veggies while enjoying live music and educational booths hosted by local green businesses,” explains Sarah Brown, GA Director and founder. “There will be birthday cake and electric bike test rides, a natural food truck, and even a kids essay reading on environmental summer fun!” The event is being held right in Kittery on Shapleigh Rd. in front of the Kittery post office with the regular Wednesday early evening Kittery Farmers Market.

Aucella Helps Consumers Make the Smart HVAC Choice

By Ali | Aug 8, 2014 | in

A change in federal and global environmental regulations has already had a major impact on the HVAC industry.

Beginning more than a decade ago, the phase out of harmful HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) accelerated in 2010 and next year, a 90 percent reduction is expected to be reached globally. Best known for the basis of the chemical Freon used in air conditioning units for decades, HCFCs have been linked to ozone layer depletion and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Great Bay Stewards upcoming events

By Emily | Aug 7, 2014 | in

What a better way to celebrate the last weeks of summer than with Great Bay Stewards? August is one of their busiest months, and full of fun events the whole family can enjoy.

Join the team on Tuesday August 12 at Flatbreads for a benefit dinner. This night is going to be jam packed with good food and good vibes. The event will be held from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. and a percentage of each purchase will go towards the Great Bay Stewards.

The next event will occur on August 15 and is for members only. This event will be a sunset kayaking trip. Lasting from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. the kayaking trip will fall right at sunset which will bring a beautiful view and a great chance to see many wildlife creatures.

To wrap up this trifecta of events is the “Wet and Wild Ice Cream Social.” The social will be from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. with an admission fee of five dollars and free entry to children of 2 years or younger. All proceeds from this event will go towards rebuilding the boardwalk. Be sure to bring bathing suits and your sweet tooth!

Proulx Oil & Propane for Greener Future in oil and propane

By Emily | Aug 7, 2014 | in

Founded in 1944 by Joe Proulx, Proulx Oil & Propane is a company passionate about bringing cutting edge technologies, steadfast customer service, and ever-improving products to their customers.

Not long after recognizing the need to move away from soot and coal, Proulx brought propane into the mix. This innovation created the reputation of forward thinking and environmentally minded business practices that Proulx holds to this day.

With the use of a fuel additive Heat Force, Proulx has brought a well welcomed alternative to its customers. Consumers are now given the ability to burn cleaner fuel, cut down their emissions, and also reduce the need for service calls.

Sail Away with Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company This Summer

By Amanda | Aug 6, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company are teaming up this summer to get Seacoast area residents out on the Piscataqua River. Become a member of the Green Alliance (for only $35) and get a free ticket aboard one of the Gundalow Company’s sails! With sail tickets valued up to $40, there is no better time to join the Green Alliance Community! The membership pays for itself instantly!

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company will also be giving away FOUR tickets this week. Friday August 8 the Green Alliance will put up a trivia question that can be found on the GA facebook page. Simply comment on the post with the answer you think is correct! We will choose one winner at random.

The Gundalow Company is a business partner of the Green Alliance, working to bring sustainability to the Seacoast Area. This non-profit strives to connect community members with the historic icon of river commerce, while simultaneously working to encourage a sense of environmental stewardship for the region’s waterways.

Cutting edge all-electric net zero energy house

By Emily | Aug 6, 2014 | in

Passing by Pickering Street in the Strawberry Banke district it is clear that there are some ground breaking renovations underway. Under full construction is house number 44, and the turn out will be a green dream come true.

Working on this renovation is Eco Sound Builders, a two man duo; Ethan Korpie and Peter Robie, dedicated to bringing long lasting and sustainable building methods to local buildings. Eco Sound has collborated with Minute Men Painters and The Green Cocoon on this decidedly green residential rebuild. Minute Men Painters bring their passion of low toxin or toxic-free paints to the house inside and out while the Green Cocoon contributes their unique green insulation.

Eco Sound started working on the garage in February and then moved onto the rest of the house soon after. Shooting for an all-electric net zero energy house, 44 Pickering Street will be adorned with 44 solar panels on the roof and a large battery bank in the garage which will supply the household with its power needs. Along with these amazing solar options, the house will have a lighting system using all high efficiency LED fixtures which are all powered by using low voltage data cables.

Travis Aho Benefit Yard Sale

By Magill | Aug 6, 2014 | in

On July 26th, Ultra Geothermal worked with the Green Alliance to host a Yard Sale to Benefit the Travis Aho Leukemia Fund. After lots of hard work and dedication, Melissa Aho, owner of Ultra Geothermal, announced that they raised a total of $1080 for her brother Travis. Melissa and family collected many donations from friends and business partners and set them up the previous day in preparation for an early 7 a.m. start to the yard sale. Many Green Alliance members came to donate items for the yard sale in response to the Green Alliance's promotion of the event. There were lots of childrens clothes donated along with furniture and other odds and ends. One local who came by to shop claimed that the yard sale was full of treasures and she couldn't believe they were still there. The yard sale was a great way to help the environment through recycling in addition to helping Travis in his struggle with Leukemia.

Colonial Stone Works Takes Advantage of State Stone

By Clay | Aug 5, 2014 | in

Colonial Stone Works was launched in 2010 and specializes in green hardscaping, a form of stonework that deals mainly with paved areas such as streets and sidewalks, where the upper-soil-profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. CSW crafts everything from custom walkways to stairs, stonewalls to mailbox posts, fireplaces to facades.

Colonial Stone Work’s founder Adam Bennett, a New Hampshire native, is a master craftsman who tackles stonework more as an artisan than a laborer. With a priority of working with the natural landscape of each project, Bennett seeks to create outdoor environments that build upon and complement the organic environment. Bennett runs the operation out of his home office, servicing the Manchester area as well as southern New Hampshire and the seacoast. Bennett has always made it a priority to listen to the customer and their needs. CSW offers wonderful craftsmanship and is able to do everything from just a simple repair or tweaking a multifaceted "stone lovers retreat."

Colonial Stone Works specializes in granite, a naturally occurring and abundant stone. Granite is inherently greener than its leading substitute and competitor, concrete. The process in which concrete is mined is energy intensive and requires large diesel trucks for transportation to make sure the concrete does not set. Granite is already set and does not require much energy use once it is mined making it a popular material amongst environmentally conscious builders. Using the eco-friendly stone is one of the many steps CSW has taken to become environmentally friendly while maintaining their excellent quality of work.

Phantom Gourmet Visits 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

By Magill | Aug 4, 2014 | in

Come join 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria this evening as they welcome Phantom Gourmet to their Manchester location! At five p.m. Phantom Gourmet will be doing a taping of the restaurant and they encourage enthusiastic locals to come share their love for 900 Degrees.  Indulge in delicious wood-fired brick oven pizza in one of Manchester's historic old mills as they celebrate the recognition of their delicious food by Phantom Gourmet.  900 Degrees sets themselves apart from other pizzerias with an exceptional atmosphere and pizza that mirrors the original pizza of Naples, Italy.  With delicious signature pizzas, salads, pasta dishes and more, 900 Degrees is the perfect place to bring your family and friends to dinner this evening. 900 Degrees of Manchester, NH is located at 50 Dow Street.  

For more information visit their facebook page here or check out the menu on their website.

All Aboard the Celia Thaxter!

By Ali | Aug 4, 2014 | in

Many of you have heard of the famous Isle of Shoals cruise boat, the M.V. Thomas Laighton, but there’s a new ship in town! Meet the Celia Thaxter, a smaller, nimble vessel that is allowed to get closer to the islands. Each boat runs daily and has cruises out to the beautiful Shoals Islands as well as around the timeless Portsmouth Harbor.

Just a few days from today on August 9 you can have the opportunity to cruise through Portsmouth Harbor and listen to the history and lore of one of New England's very oldest ports. Stories of Paul Revere's ride to Portsmouth, the daring espionage of a young German U-boat commander during WWII, and the eerie history of the castle like "Alcatraz of the East" to name just a few. You'll also see present day port operations first hand including a modern Coast Guard rescue station, lighthouses, several historic forts, a naval shipyard and possibly a fast attack nuclear submarine, colonial architecture, wildlife and much more.

Green Families Club Turns Two! Join us in Celebrating with Party and Farmer's Market!

By Katie | Aug 4, 2014 | in

This August, the Green Alliance is celebrating the 2nd birthday of the Green Alliance Green Families Club! On Wednesday, August 27th from 4 – 7 p.m. the Green Alliance will be hosting the Green Families Club Celebration and Farmer’s Market.

The Green Families Club (GFC) was created in July 2012 with the goal to inspire a young generation of environmentalists, or “future environmentalists” (as our GFC t-shirts proudly boast). The GA has over 4,000 regular members, and well over 500 GFC members, with over 115 local business partners.

Green Alliance businesses will have booths with family-friendly, hands-on activities and goodies for kids to enjoy. Kids can design a t-shirt with the winner’s design being printed as a t-shirt in a contest hosted by Get it Going! Or, stop by the Coca-Cola booth for free samples and a demonstration on their extensive recycling program. Get your family together for a free, fun portrait by Lenka Flaherty Photography! Check out the many more booths with great activities, too!

233 Vaughan Street Project Reaches Milestone

By Magill | Aug 1, 2014 | in

The owners and project team for 233 Vaughan Street celebrated on Friday, July 18th with a “Topping Off the Steel” celebration. A group of over 40 project participants gathered to sign the beam and watch as it was placed at the very top of the building by a crane. A drone was on hand to capture the birds-eye view.

The building is being developed and built by Chinburg Properties and the mixed-use project will be a key cornerstone of the development of the Northern Tier. This area of the city has long been slated for economic development. The neighborhood will also feature the 3S ArtSpace, a proposed Whole Foods, and is within easy walking distance to all of downtown Portsmouth. 

Children's Essay Contest

By Katie | Aug 1, 2014 | in

With summer slowly winding down, back to school sales are filling stores as teachers and students prepare for another school year. Why not help the kids get in the school mindset with a earth-friendly essay contest?!

We are thrilled to announce our first ever children’s essay contest (entrants must be 13 years old or younger). We have received a great amount of support from business partners for this contest, allowing us to offer great prizes to all entrants, with an excellent grand prize for the chosen winner!

To enter please respond to the following topic in a minimum half page essay (accompanying pictures or drawings encouraged but not required), by Friday, August 22nd by emailing or mailing to 75 Congress Street, Suite 304, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (essays submitted by mail must be post-marked Thursday, August 21st or earlier): 
“What activities did your family do this summer to better the environment?”