Blog : Turning Trash into Art

By Ali | Aug 12, 2014 | in

Many people find it hard to look at trash and pull from it a sense of beauty. Tim Gaudreau can do not only that, but photograph it in a way that captures the unseen beauty.

Gaudreau’s art not only shows a side of trash that people don’t normally expect to see, but it also raises awareness for environmental issues happening worldwide. His environmental advocacy is extensive and his pieces are intended to stimulate and inspire. For example, he took pictures of everything he threw away in a year. The final product surprised not only the viewers, but himself as well. "I thought I'd be relieved to finish this project after 365 days and over 5,000 photos, but I was not" Tim explained, "As I tried to break this photographic ritual over the following weeks, throwing stuff away seemed like such a waste."

Often times Gaudreau will use recycled materials or trash for his artwork, such as using discarded plastic bottles to make a giant boot sculpture for Timberland. Or even creating performative pieces that show a glimpse of the near future if the world continues on the destructive path we are all on.

One piece he created began with a natural setting; a virgin hillside, which he then laid with transparent sheets portraying images of WalMarts and housing developments. Viewers are given the opportunity to how easily urban sprawl can be as populations rise and demand for more products, stores, food, and space grows. Gaudreau describes these artworks as, "community engagement pieces intended to inspire people to recognize and discuss individual impact and responsibility."

Currently, Gaudreau is working on a piece known as “Self-Portrait”. This insightful artwork seeks to examine his own carbon footprint by photographing everything tangibly consumed, as well as calculating the respective footprints of those objects. Again, raising environmental awareness of over consumption and waste in the world.

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