Blog : Rockingham Electric Lights Up Lewiston

By Ali | Aug 12, 2014 | in

Rockingham Electric started as a small company in 1951, originally being run out of the founder’s basement in Portsmouth. Today they have nine locations throughout the seacoast area and are currently opening the tenth by the end of August.

Their newest store will be located in Lewiston, Maine. “We have been serving the Lewiston community for quite some time,” says Rockingham Electric President Jim Pender. “So it makes sense to bring a full-time staff to the area.”

Today, Rockingham Electric now has over 110 employees and has again been ranked in the top 200 independent electrical distributers. Additional locations are in Amesbury, Massachusetts; Augusta and Portland, Maine; as well as Berlin, Claremont, Conway, Laconia, and Rochester, New Hampshire, with corporate headquarters and showroom in Newington.

Serving neighborhoods, and communities through a family owned business has always been the goal of the company. Pender also explains the secret to their overall success, “We’ve always been dedicated to combining a family-owned company with the needs of a community.”

Lighting up ten stores has to be expensive right? Wrong! Rockingham Electric is just as concerned about it’s electric bill as everyone else. Which is why they use LED bulbs, recycle those that no longer work, and have even added internal structural and equipment changes in their facilities to minimize energy use as well as heat and water loss.

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