Blog : Purely Organic Lawn Care Helping Save Our Water Ways

By Kyle | Aug 13, 2014 | in

Purely Organic Lawn Care is dedicated to eliminating the side effects caused by traditional lawn care chemicals by using organic products. There are many issues caused by lawn care chemicals including the pollution of surface water used for local water supply and recreation.

Fertilizers that many people rely on to beautify their lawns not only hurt the biology of the lawns, but nearby waterways as well. The nitrates found in fertilizers make their way in to rivers, lakes and oceans and exacerbate the growth of algae blooms that deplete oxygen and create “dead zones.”

Typically, surface waters have the natural ability to filter excess nitrogen and avoid the development of dead zones. Bacteria in the water remove the excess nitrates from the water through a process called denitrofication. Denitrofication allows nitrates to be converted into nitrogen that is released into the atmosphere as a gas. However, in many waterways it is becoming apparent that bacteria are losing this natural ability due to nitrate overloading.

Denitrofication is the only process able to physically remove nitrates from bodies of water—no human solutions exist. As bacteria’s ability to eliminate nitrates continues to decay, it is import for society to work on reducing the use of products containing nitrates.

Purely Organic Lawn Care makes it possible to avoid lawn care chemicals containing nitrates without sacrificing the beauty of your lawn. Traditional chemicals help produce green lawns in the short term, but also kill the biology of the soil by reducing activity levels of beneficial microorganisms. Without a microorganism’s ability to fight off pests and disease, the lawn requires frequent application of pesticides to maintain the soils overall health. This means Purely Organic eliminates your lawns need for traditional lawn care chemicals allowing the soils biology to be strengthened, therefore requiring minimal maintenance to maintain its health.

It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between an organically treated lawn and one dependant on chemicals; however, the difference reducing the nitrogen intake of our surface waters is not only apparent, but also crucial to the success of our water ways.

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