Blog : Proulx Oil & Propane for Greener Future in oil and propane

By Emily | Aug 7, 2014 | in

Founded in 1944 by Joe Proulx, Proulx Oil & Propane is a company passionate about bringing cutting edge technologies, steadfast customer service, and ever-improving products to their customers.

Not long after recognizing the need to move away from soot and coal, Proulx brought propane into the mix. This innovation created the reputation of forward thinking and environmentally minded business practices that Proulx holds to this day.

With the use of a fuel additive Heat Force, Proulx has brought a well welcomed alternative to its customers. Consumers are now given the ability to burn cleaner fuel, cut down their emissions, and also reduce the need for service calls.

In addition to the use of Heat Force, Proulx also uses Bioheat and AutoGas offshoot. Bioheat is a renewable alternative to standard heating oil. This alternative brings a product grown on American farms thus reducing dependency on foreign oil. Not only that, but Bioheat can be used in home or office without significant upgrades or modification to an already established heating system. AutoGas fuel is 70 percent cleaner than gasoline and accommodates all types of vehicles, simultaneously improving performance and reducing emissions.

With a commitment to the environmentally minded and local services for nearly 70 years, Proulx is the place to turn for oil and propane.

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