Blog : Minute Men Painters Paint is Going Green

By Clay | Aug 11, 2014 | in

Green may not be Minute Men Painters favorite color, but they are doing everything in their power to go green. In an industry reliant on paints with hazardous chemicals, Minute Men Painters sets a new tone. Sean Sturk, owner of Minute Men, realized the harmful attributes of these chemicals when one of his co-workers started seeing and feeling their negative effects, such as losing his sense of smell. As this became evident Sturk knew that he needed to change his company’s philosophy. He decided to emphasize and push more low-toxin or toxic-free paints for all interior jobs. “As a company we made a conscious decision to decrease the toxicity of our products and learn as much as we could about them.” Said Sturk.

A majority of painters and painting companies use VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. These paints are filled with chemicals and are dangerous to inhale and be around for long periods of time. Painting with VOC filled paints can cause a dangerous environment for painters and homeowners alike. Minute Men was able to switch their paints to low VOC paints and even no VOC paints. Sturk suggests using these paints with their customers whenever possible and if the customer does not specify the type of paint they would like used, low and no VOC are used by default.

What makes these paints even more logical for use is their cost. The price of low or no VOC paint is compareable to standard paints. Sturk even explained that the low and non VOC paints can save the customers money because they are less labor intensive. Low or non VOC paints are easier to clean up, dry faster and workers do not need to wear masks like they do when using dangerous VOC paints.

Furthering their green efforts, Minute Men uses a sander and vacuum when prepping buildings before they are painted. This process stores up to 98% of the dust and silica created during the sanding process. This saves in clean up time and prevents harmful dust particles from getting into the environment. In the future Minute Men hopes to implement the use of a less toxic exterior paint. Currently there are no such products because the interior low and no VOC paints can not withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

If you are looking to get your home or business painted please consider Minute Men Painters and their low and no VOC paints. They are doing everything they can to keep you and the environment safe around you. Their excellent quality of work and safer paint make them an excellent choice!

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