Blog : Marcom4 Brings Sustainability into the World of Marketing

By Amanda | Aug 20, 2014 | in

When one thinks of a marketing company the words sustainability and green might not come to mind. Marcom4 however is bringing sustainability to the world of marketing, right here on the Seacoast.

Marcom4 is a strategic branding, messaging, and content marketing company headquartered in Greenland, NH. This small business was founded by four varying business partners who shared the common goal: to help clients conceptualize, develop, and implement branding and messaging strategies that best suit their businesses.

In an effort to bolster its green credentials, Marcom4 places special emphasis on working remotely. Marcom4 has sourced materials from RiverWorks Printing, a fellow GA Business Partner renowned for their cutting edge, sustainable products and practices. Additionally, the team actively encourages clients to take advantage of all digital media when and where appropriate, in the process helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

Marcom4 also places an emphasis on allowing their team to work remotely, in order to help lower their carbon footprint. Marcom4 has a comprehensive recycling program put in place, at business headquarters. Having joined the Green Alliance, Marcom4 is eager to continue broadening its business base to include even more green-oriented local companies.

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