Blog : A Group Effort to Create Sustainable, Clean Energy

By Kyle | Aug 13, 2014 | in

Power generation is the source of a large portion of human-caused emissions that have negative effects to the environment and human health. In addition, fossil fuels are a diminishing resource that is expected — if actions don’t change — to cause issues in the future. To avoid these issues, it’s important to invest in sustainable development and clean energy sources. Within New Hampshire, NH Solar Garden makes these investments possible by developing solar gardens that generate solar energy that is provided to community members.

NH Solar Garden leases land from farmers and landowners (known as Hosts) to build solar “gardens.” These hosts earn refunds for the power they generate and return to the electric grid. Farmers are also able to choose having a greenhouse built in lieu of the rebate.

A law recently passed in New Hampshire, referred to as “Group Net Metering” allows community residents, businesses and schools (Group members) to also receive net meter Rebates without physically having solar gardens. To join NH Solar Garden for no cost and earn the “Solar Rebate,” members simply fill out a form and send a copy of their electric bill. Group members also have the option to purchase fresh vegetables or meats from one of NH Solar Garden’s farmers, or a membership to a community garden.

So how is it possible that NH Solar Garden allows Group Members to gain benefits at no extra cost than their monthly electricity bills? First, NH Solar Garden estimates members’ combined total electricity usage using the electricity bills. They then contact local utility companies that will allow them to sell all the electricity produced by the solar panels in to the electric grid. Therefore, NH Solar Garden is eligible to sell all their solar electricity in to the grid and get money back that will be distributed among the Group Members.

The only way this process works is if enough people sign up to consume all the solar electricity being produced. Though the rebate may be small (about 50 dollars twice a year) it’s a way to diminish a community’s dependence on fossil fuels and support the movement towards clean energy sources. NH Solar Garden is at the forefront of this movement, so what better time is there to join?

Become a Green Alliance Member today and receive a biannual 1.5 cents per kWh solar rebate!