Blog : EZ Bikes & Scooters an Easier Way to Get Around

By Clay | Aug 18, 2014 | in

 Hate spending so much money on gas? Why not save money and arrive in style on a scooter or an electric bike from EZ Bikes and Scooters. They have a wide variety of bikes and scooters at great prices!

Tom Hemenway started EZ Bikes and Scooters many years ago after he had a health scare. He knew that it was time to get back into shape and decided bike riding would be a good idea. Hemenway soon remembered that some of the terrain that he encountered was more difficult to navigate on and made his rides less enjoyable. Hemenway later came across a style of bike known as the EZ Electric Bike. This model of bike had a motor that the operator could switch on that would power the bike through tough hills and climbs. Hemenway loved this bike so much that he decided to add on to his already existing car audio business and start EZ Bike and Scooters.

EZ Bike and Scooters has grown over the years and they now offer over 50 different scooters and electric bikes to choose from! No matter what option you choose, you are doing your part to help the environment. Their bikes are able to charge quickly and efficiency using a minimum amount of electricity and have long battery lives. Their gas-powered scooters get amazing mileage and cut down on the amount of emissions being released. Choosing to ride a scooter or a bike helps keep more cars off the road and keeps their harmful emissions out of the environment.

School is right around the corner and now for a limited time Genuine is offering a “Back to School with Genuine Sale!” Now and until September 15th if you purchase a Genuine Scooter from an authorized dealer you will receive a 3-year warranty, 2 years of roadside assistance, a $100 credit towards your first service and you can take advantage of a 36 month financing program with Sheffield Financing. EZ Bikes and Scooters has many Genuine Scooters to choose from, so if you are looking for a new scooter or electric bike visit EZ Bikes and Scooters and take advantage of their wide variety and deals.

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