Blog : Eben, Age 10, has been very busy this summer going green!

By Katie | Aug 22, 2014 | in

We have been so thrilled to receive a number of great responses to our children's essay question, "What activities did your family do this summer to better the environment"? If your kids are interested in sharing their thoughts with us (and winning great prizes just for submitting), please note the deadline is tomorrow, August 23rd at midnight.

Below is an excerpt from Eben, age 10, who has been very busy this summer helping his family go green! 

"For starters we recycle. Every Wednesday we drop our recycling off at the end of our driveway so the recycling truck can come and pick it up. The main materials that get recycled are paper, plastic, and metal. To recycle basically means to reuse, so the paper, plastic, and metal can be made into other items. Sometimes recyclables get placed into the trash, where the recyclables eventually gets stuck in a landfill. Not only will the recyclables stink, but when the rain falls on top of the landfill the water will drain into the ground collecting chemicals. The chemicals can then poison habitats. Recycling is great for the environment and is a very smart thing to do.

Next up, our family composted this summer. We compost leftovers, inedible parts of vegetables, and many other things. Composting, in a way, is recycling, because you are making something new out of something old. In this case, soil. Worms are he world’s best eaters, for they are willing to eat almost any scraps. Worms then poop out the food leaving castings, which happens to be great growing soil. Composting is great thing to do for the environment, and it can also be fun.:

Thank you, Eben, for all your great work and for sharing your experience with us!