Blog : Cutting edge all-electric net zero energy house

By Emily | Aug 6, 2014 | in

Passing by Pickering Street in the Strawberry Banke district it is clear that there are some ground breaking renovations underway. Under full construction is house number 44, and the turn out will be a green dream come true.

Working on this renovation is Eco Sound Builders, a two man duo; Ethan Korpie and Peter Robie, dedicated to bringing long lasting and sustainable building methods to local buildings. Eco Sound has collborated with Minute Men Painters and The Green Cocoon on this decidedly green residential rebuild. Minute Men Painters bring their passion of low toxin or toxic-free paints to the house inside and out while the Green Cocoon contributes their unique green insulation.

Eco Sound started working on the garage in February and then moved onto the rest of the house soon after. Shooting for an all-electric net zero energy house, 44 Pickering Street will be adorned with 44 solar panels on the roof and a large battery bank in the garage which will supply the household with its power needs. Along with these amazing solar options, the house will have a lighting system using all high efficiency LED fixtures which are all powered by using low voltage data cables.

The renovation of this cutting edge home would not be possible without the collaboration of these three Green Alliance businesses. After meeting through the Green Alliance, Eco Sound Builders, Minute Men Painters, and the Green Cocoon formed an essential bond that has changed the green home construction field.

Green Alliance members who use Eco Sound Builders enjoy a full rebate (up to $500) for a comprehensive energy audit when they commit to do a retrofit. GA members also receive two free hours of green consultation for any upcoming project!

Green Alliance members save $100 on all foam and denim insulation jobs between $3,000 and $5,000 with the Green Cocoon. They also save $200 on all foam and denim insulation jobs of $5,000 or more! Additionally, save $50 on any cellulose insulation job of $2,000 or more at the Green Cocoon!

Green Alliance members enjoy 5% on all exterior and interior paint services at Minute Men Painters!

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