Blog : Cornerstone Tree Care Works For The Trees

By Clay | Aug 18, 2014 | in

Micum Davis of Cornerstone Tree Care is truly a tree’s best friend. When he says that he “speaks for the trees” he really means it and it shows in his work. It may seem odd to someone looking in from the outside when Davis suggests leaving some of the trees that a costumer wanted 100% removed but that is why Cornerstone Tree Service is special. Davis understands that trees are valuable to the costumer’s yards and even more valuable to the environment as a whole. 

Identifying trees that Davis believes could remain healthily and provide an important service to the environment is far from the only step that Cornerstone Tree Care has taken to become greener. Davis has implemented a no spike policy to his tree care. This means that his workers will not wear spikes to help them climb trees. Spiking the tree can leave wounds that are permanent and could eventually lead to the death of the tree. Davis comments that many other companies also do this but there are still a few that use spikes and he thought it was important to make sure his company was spike less. Cornerstone has also implemented policies to limit the harms of fuel emissions on the environment. They have a no idling policy on all of their vehicles, all of their diesel has been switched to a friendlier bio diesel and Davis has started driving a Prius! Cornerstone also makes their own homemade mulch from recycled trees and other recycled lawn and yard products.

On their website you can find the list of the services that Cornerstone offers that includes, tree pruning, tree and stump removal and bracing trees. Description and contact information for Cornerstone can be found here! So if you are in need of some help with the trees in your yard make sure you contact the guys that put your and the trees needs first!

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