Blog : Colonial Stone Works Takes Advantage of State Stone

By Clay | Aug 5, 2014 | in

Colonial Stone Works was launched in 2010 and specializes in green hardscaping, a form of stonework that deals mainly with paved areas such as streets and sidewalks, where the upper-soil-profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. CSW crafts everything from custom walkways to stairs, stonewalls to mailbox posts, fireplaces to facades.

Colonial Stone Work’s founder Adam Bennett, a New Hampshire native, is a master craftsman who tackles stonework more as an artisan than a laborer. With a priority of working with the natural landscape of each project, Bennett seeks to create outdoor environments that build upon and complement the organic environment. Bennett runs the operation out of his home office, servicing the Manchester area as well as southern New Hampshire and the seacoast. Bennett has always made it a priority to listen to the customer and their needs. CSW offers wonderful craftsmanship and is able to do everything from just a simple repair or tweaking a multifaceted "stone lovers retreat."

Colonial Stone Works specializes in granite, a naturally occurring and abundant stone. Granite is inherently greener than its leading substitute and competitor, concrete. The process in which concrete is mined is energy intensive and requires large diesel trucks for transportation to make sure the concrete does not set. Granite is already set and does not require much energy use once it is mined making it a popular material amongst environmentally conscious builders. Using the eco-friendly stone is one of the many steps CSW has taken to become environmentally friendly while maintaining their excellent quality of work.

Furthering their green practices, CSW places a large emphasis on using recycled materials and, whenever possible, taking materials directly from consumers' yards. CSW also has switched to using biodiesel in their machinery and trucks. Along with those emission saving initiatives, CSW have an on-site refueling tank that helps them cut down on trips. CSW has also instituted a no-idling policy on all of their trucks and equipment. This cuts back on the amount of emissions that are released into the environment and it also cuts back on the amount of fuel used, which also reduces cost.

So if you are looking to add some beautiful stonework to your home, property or you're in need of a simple a touch up, contact Colonial Stone Works. You'll get gorgeous results and help the environment at the same time.

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