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A change in federal and global environmental regulations has already had a major impact on the HVAC industry.

Beginning more than a decade ago, the phase out of harmful HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) accelerated in 2010 and next year, a 90 percent reduction is expected to be reached globally. Best known for the basis of the chemical Freon used in air conditioning units for decades, HCFCs have been linked to ozone layer depletion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2015, “HCFC refrigerants are banned for use in new systems. All refrigerants in new equipment will not contain the chlorine that destroys the ozone layer,” said Jay Aucella of Aucella Heating & Cooling, the Strafford-based company at the forefront of implementing green solutions for their customers. Aucella technicians are EPA Universal Certified to work with refrigeration systems and follow all of the required processes for reclaiming and recycling used refrigerant. Additionally, Aucella is ACCA® certified as an Energy Star® Partner company.

Jay and Fay Aucella, husband and wife and co-owners of Aucella, have long
been ahead of the environmental curve since they founded the company in 2005. Aucella Heating & Cooling has built itself into one of the top HVAC companies in the greater Seacoast region by emphasizing a holistic approach to HVAC solutions. Jay Aucella suggests the five-employee company serves a region of green-savvy consumers.

“Overall, consumers in the greater Seacoast region are becoming more ‘green’ knowledgeable,” Aucella explained. “When people are informed and have alternative options, they generally choose the best option for their health, the health of their community and the environment that surrounds them. In particular, New England residents are knowledgeable, mindful and responsive to environmental concerns. This one of the biggest reasons we love working with New Hampshire and Maine residents.”

A rundown of recent projects by the Aucella crew shows the diverse technical capabilities of the company.

• A 20-panel solar hot water project at the Sea Cliff House Hotel in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The Sea Cliff has a 1,200-gallon water storage tank and heats the domestic hot water, the pool, and the spa.
• A cord wood / pellet boiler with an 800-gallon water storage tank at a two-family residence in Madbury.
• An air to water heat pump that provides all of the heating, cooling, and domestic hot water for a residence on Kittery Point, Maine.
• Ductless split heat pumps that provide heating and cooling for a school in North Hampton.
• An 11 ductless split heat pump solution for a Parish in Hampton.
• Oil to high efficiency natural gas boiler conversion that provides heat and domestic hot water for an Inn in Portsmouth.

“Our focus is lowering heating & cooling operating costs for homeowners and small businesses,” Aucella said. “Some of our customers first invest in comprehensive energy audits. This allows Aucella staff to identify all the problem areas in a home or business in order to provide holistic solutions to not only energy efficency, but also the equally important issues of occupancy health and safety, and building durability.”

For example, many newer homes can be too air-tight causing poor air quality. In this case, Aucellas says, addressing the problem with efficient air exchange, filtration or humidification systems may be the highest priority. Solutions like these, along with the replacement of outdated, inefficient heating and cooling systems, can lead to healthy, comfortable, and affordable spaces in which to live and work.

Aucella’s Project Development specialist Tobias Marquette, a certified Building Performance Analyst, is part of a team that takes great care in assessing what each home or business needs with relation to their client’s goals.

“Tobias has many years of experience providing New England municipalities, non-profit organizations, business and home owners with real solutions to reduce their energy costs and overall environmental impact,” Aucella said. “Customers often express their delight that someone can tell them what their operating cost saving will be for a specific heating or cooling system, while also taking the time to educate them on other matters, such as indoor air quality. He is someone who without question, loves the work he does everyday.”

Aucella Heating and Cooling is a business partner of the Green Alliance, a Portsmouth organization representing over 100 local green businesses, along with nearly 4,000 consumer members.
Jay Aucella, also a musician, has a degree from Northeastern University with a focus on business and the music industry. He was working in the HVAC field to supplement his music career which led him to find his passion for technical challenge and environmental stewardship. Aucella is a family-named company that honors an Italian heritage going back in this country to the turn of 20th Century. “It gives us a sense of commitment and pride,” he said. “If one is going to put their own name on something, it drives them to do their absolute best every day.”

Jay and Fay decided to run the company together for a number of reasons including the realization that their skill sets complemented each other.

“First, we knew it would be an enormous time commitment and we didn't want that to pull us in opposite directions. We have had success working together in the past so we thought it would be fun to work together building this business,” Fay said. “Second, because it is a small, family business, we have an equally staunch commitment to doing things the right way and being involved in every process. Lastly, we have distinctly different skill sets and personalities. These complement the sum of our work quite nicely, creating efficiency and fun in our everyday.”

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By Michael McCord