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The Green Alliance, NHPTV, and ISSco. Help Bring People Together for the Environment

By Kelly | Jul 8, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance prides itself in bringing businesses and consumers together under one sustainable roof. On Thursday, July 11th, that roof will be on the Piscataqua River, as the Green Alliance and NHPTV will team up with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company for a cruise on the M/V Thomas Laighton.

“This is probably the biggest party we have all year,” says Green Alliance Director Sarah Brown. “We’re ecstatic to have NHPTV on board with us as well. Not only is it a great party, but it’s a great opportunity for sustainable businesses to meet up with sustainable people, which is our greatest goal and achievement.”

NHPTV Manager of Community Relations Bryn Burns was excited for the station to collaborate with the Green Alliance in putting on the event.

“The Green Alliance does so much good for the local business community, ourselves included,” says Burns. “This a great opportunity for us to let everyone know about our environmental programming; nature gives us such opportunities for education, which has always been a priority for us.”

The cruise, exclusive to Green Alliance business and consumer members, promises a full night of drinks, dancing, live local music, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Those who wish to attend may sign up for a membership at

Ridgeview Construction: it's not just green building, it’s smart building

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

It has been nine years since Shane Carter founded Ridgeview Construction, a sustainable building and remodeling company. Ridgeview knows how to transform any customer’s standard, inefficient house into a sustainable home. From blueprints and preparation to construction and finishing touches, Carter and his team consider every small detail. Ridgeview doesn't operate according to the “more, cheaper, faster" philosophy of other building companies, instead paying careful attention to design and precision.

Ridgeview Construction works on small-scale renovations, large scale customized homes, and everything in between. By discussing priorities and expenses with customers, Ridgeview can determine the right plan of action that is cost-efficient and offers clients the aesthetics and green options they desire. Each job is done in a sustainable manner and incorporates Low Impact Development strategies when dealing with road and driveway construction, storm water drainage and hydrology management, all while protecting the surrounding environmental resources.

Favorite Foods in the Community

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Many companies today strive to be international or corporate, and model their business around a “bigger is better” mentality. However, for Favorite Foods, the sentiment is more quality over quantity.

Owners Chris and Jeff Barstow pride themselves on their company’s strictly local business policy. Favorite Foods focuses on helping support local independently run schools, markets, restaurants and other small New Hampshire seacoast businesses by efficiently providing them with fresh food and competitive prices.

In 2012, Favorite Foods installed a system of 572 solar panels to their roof. The energy generated runs their industrial size coolers and freezers that take up space of seven Olympic sized swimming pools. Their use of LED and CLF light bulbs, sensors that detect movement and shut of lights and machines not in use are only a handful of things the company is doing to follow their green dreams. Compared to national competitors, Favorite Foods’ carbon footprint is significantly lower and is continuing to drop.

Keep New Hampshire Public Television Up and Running

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Today, families across New Hampshire are watching their favorite shows on New Hampshire Public Television; people everywhere are streaming Nova, Frontline, and American Experience on Teachers utilize NHPTV materials to expanding learning opportunities for their students. While technology shifts and television changes, it is comforting to many knowing that NHPTV remains committed to the programming its viewers have come to know and love. The commercial free programming is engaging minds, connecting communities, and celebrating the region in an educational and entertaining way.

Since becoming an independent nonprofit in 2011, NHPTV is now fueled solely by its viewers and donations. Each donation goes towards keeping the system running smoothly and programs playing consistently. Many of NHPTV’s educational resources and workshops are offered free of charge to educators, parents and children. Their station offers a wide range of topics: literacy, health care, childhood obesity, bullying, aging, and the environment. NHPTV is partnering with New Hampshire communities and organizations to spread the word of these important topics.

"Be Cool, Eat Local" at the UNH Dairy Bar This Summer

By Amanda | Jul 8, 2014 | in

The UNH Dairy Bar has stayed the same in size but grown considerably in sustainability since UNH Dining reopened the Dairy Bar with a green image in mind. With the heat of the summer in full swing there is no better time to enjoy some famous Gifford’s Ice Cream at the UNH Dairy Bar. With almost six years of experience under their belt the Dairy Bar knows how to make a great lunch with taste and the environment in mind.

The Dairy Bar is located at the Durham Train Station on the UNH campus. They have taken sustainability to the next level in recent years through recycling and composting programs, carefully researched and chosen products, produce grown on campus, approximately 75% of food sourced locally, and countertops made from recycled glass.

In recent years as part of an effort to increase sustainability UNH Dining invested in two high tunnels for the use of the UNH Dairy Bar and other dining locations. The high tunnels allow UNH Dining to grow produce right on campus. This not only decreases food miles but also enhances taste and freshness. The high tunnels have been a collaborative effort between UNH Dining and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture at UNH. This program has also enabled students to get involved through a class called Food Production Field Experience. In this class students get a hands on approach to food production as well as offers labor assistance to high tunnel manager.

Smuttynose Teams Up With Carter Distribution and Expands to TN

By Clay | Jul 7, 2014 | in

Smuttynose Brewery is excited to announce their newest distribution partner, Carter Distributing! Smuttynose has been brewing some of the New England region's finest craft beer out of their Portsmouth, New Hampshire location since 1994. However they were unable to take on new distributors until moving to a larger facility this spring in Hampton. Carter Distributing of Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee is the first, new distibutor to partner with Smuttynose since the move. The first shipments of Smuttynose arrived at Chattanooga’s Heaven and Ale craft brew house on July 1.

Peter Egelston, the President and Founder of Smuttynose Brewery is very excited about signing with Carter Distribution. “Carter has some strong craft brands but their roster isn’t too big," he explained. Egelston also understands that Carter Distribution has a strong knowledge of the craft beer market in Eastern Tennessee and that they have the drive and enthusiasm to represent Smuttynose and promote them in the area.

Tony Giannasi, Carter Distribution’s Craft Brands Manager, was just as excited to partner with Smuttynose. “Smuttynose has an all-star lineup of beers that reads like a greatest hits album. From beer geek prize Baltic Porter and best-selling Finestkind IPA to new releases Vunderbar Pilsner and Bouncy House IPA, these guys offer something for everyone at a high level of quality,” said Giannasi. He went on to comment that Chattanooga’s craft beer market is continuing to grow and Smuttynose partnership with Carter Distribution came at just the right time.

Summer Cruise aboard the M.V. Thomas Laighton

By Ali | Jul 7, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance Summer Party Cruise aboard the M.V. Thomas Laighton is just around the corner, with only ONE more day to receive a free ticket! Tuesday July 8th will be the last day to answer the trivia question posted on the GA facebook page. The first person to correctly answer the question correctly will receive a free ticket to the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company event on July 10! This event is team hosted by the Green Alliance, and NHPTV to give guests a night filled with food, drinks, and live music.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Ecotech Pest Control Services LLC

By Clay | Jul 7, 2014 | in

Who: Ecotech Pest Control Services LLC

What: With a bachelor of science in entomology, Tom Pray, owner of Ecotech, offers more than just another pest control business. He is also a well of information about how insects think, act and thrive. Pray guides homeowners on how they can naturally prevent the threat of pests to properties, families and pets. Pray founded his business on the principle that pest control doesn't have to be an additional hazard to the environment. To avoid these risks, Pray uses his education to find the best solution for a property using environmentally friendly treatments and integrated pest management, which looks at the life cycle and habits of each pest and how to best disrupt them. He also installs environmentally friendly long-term treatment systems, such as tick boxes that don't require spraying a yard or garden.

Where: P.O. Box 54, Eliot, Maine.


Jenaly Technology Group Offers Affordable and Eco Friendly IT Services

By Clay | Jul 7, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group is here to handle all of your IT needs. Knowing that the business that they are in uses a large amount of resources, Jenaly pride themselves on being able to offer their services while keeping the health of the environment in mind and all at affordable rates. While they consider themselves a small business, they are able to provide their IT services to both small and large businesses alike.

Jenaly has many services that aim to reduces company's environmental impacts including encouraging their clients to practice effect document management. By doing this they can significantly cut down on the amount of paper that they use and eventually become 100% digital and create zero unnecessary paper waste.

Jenaly’s ideals and practices are the reason that they joined the Green Alliance. They offer “Green IT Items” to the Green Alliance community every month and which are posted on their website as well as the GA Blog for the community to read.

Prelude provides the best in unique bath and body products, jewelery, accessories and more

By Emily | Jul 3, 2014 | in

Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, Prelude is the place the go when looking for jewelry, bath, and/or body products. Nestled in downtown Portsmouth, Prelude offers a unique arrangement of products.

This little boutique shop specializes in locally made, organic, and timeless jewelry, bath and body products, and other accessories. Prelude also carries a large selection of products from local soaps to internationally distinguished jewelry along with bath and body products.

Some of the most prominent products on the shelves of Prelude are the bath and body products featuring such brands as: Crabtree and Evelyn bath and body products (made in the US), Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products (made in Germany, but also certified organic in Europe).

Welcoming the Coca Cola Bottling Plant of Northern New England

By Sam | Jul 3, 2014 | in

When you hear the name Coca Cola, you might not immediately think of sustainability, but you might think about recycling when you put your cans and bottles in the proper bins. The Coca Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England is rapidly changing the recycling game when it comes to reusable materials, and we’re excited to announce them as our new Business Partners!

Do you own a North Face or Patagonia fleece jacket? Chances are it’s made partly from bottles recycled from the Coca Cola Bottling Plant in Londonderry. A local independent franchise of the larger company, CCNNE works closely with Foss Manufacturing in Hampton, New Hampshire to process their recycled bottles into usable material. The plant boasts a 93% recycling diversion rate and produces millions of pounds of products made from recycled materials.

Watch the video below to get a hands-on look at their recycling efforts and how their bottles become new products!

Sailing on the Gundalow with Ecotech Pest Control and The Green Cocoon

By Sam | Jul 3, 2014 | in

Ecotech Pest Control and The Green Cocoon were the winners of last year’s Business Partner Referral contest. They told everyone they knew about us, and we were able to reward them with a private sail with the Gundalow Company! We really couldn’t have chosen a better night out on the Pistcataqua. The weather was spectacular, we caught the sunset perfectly, and we got to have a great time on the river for a few hours with some of our favorite Green Alliance people and their friends.

Zev Yoga "Firecracker Flow" Class

By Kelly | Jul 2, 2014 | in

Start your holiday weekend off with a bang! Join Jolie at Zev Yoga in Exeter for the "Firecracker Flow" Class.  This combines Jolie's level one and two classes.  Prepare to sweat, as this 75 minute class will give you a fun and powerful practice.  The "Firecracker Flow" Class, takes place on July 3 from 4:30 - 5:45 p.m.  This is free for all members, and a $15 drop in fee for non-members.     

Zev Yoga teaches the ancient traditions of Ashtanga yoga to seacoast residents.  This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with progressive series of posture. This is a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Ashtanga yoga is known as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga.  The owner of Zev Yoga, Jonas Amberger received a degree in Ayurvedic medicine at Sanskrit University in India and lived there for four months.  This holistic system of healing evolved among the Brahmin sages of ancient India about 3,000 to 5,000 years ago.  It focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms.  Jonas currently gives free consultations in Ayurvedic medicine to his clients.    

Visit Zev Yoga Studios website for more information on classes and schedules!

Green Alliance members can purchase a one month trial membership at any Zev Yoga Studio for only $25!  Annual membership starts at $25/ month for new members and $40/month for returning members as well!  


Sail Away with Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company This Summer

By Amanda | Jul 2, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company are teaming up this summer to get Seacoast area residents out on the Piscataqua River. Become a member of the Green Alliance (for only $35) and get a free ticket aboard one of the Gundalow Company’s sails! With sail tickets valued up to $40, there is no better time to join the Green Alliance Community! The membership pays for itself instantly!

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company will also be giving away two tickets weekly all summer long. Thursday July 3 the Green Alliance will put up a question that can be found on the GA facebook page. The first person to correctly answer the question will receive two tickets for any of the Gundalow Company’s public sails!

The Gundalow Company is a business partner of the Green Alliance, working to bring sustainability to the Seacoast Area. This non-profit strives to connect community members with the historic icon of river commerce, while simultaneously working to encourage a sense of environmental stewardship for the region’s waterways.

The Gundalow Company offers an array of public sails daily as well as unique sails throughout the summer. Sunday, July 13 they are offering a special Up-River Sail. This sail differs from their regular route and passes under the three Portsmouth bridges, while passing the towns of Kittery, Newington, and Eliot. No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with a three-hour sail on an historic gundalow!

The Green Alliance, NHPTV, and ISSco. Help Bring People Together for the Environment

By Sam | Jul 2, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance prides itself in bringing businesses and consumers together under one sustainable roof. On Thursday, July 11th, that roof will be on the Piscataqua River, as the Green Alliance and NHPTV will team up with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company for a cruise on the M/V Thomas Laighton.

“This is probably the biggest party we have all year,” says Green Alliance Director Sarah Brown. “We’re ecstatic to have NHPTV on board with us as well. Not only is it a great party, but it’s a great opportunity for sustainable businesses to meet up with sustainable people, which is our greatest goal and achievement.”

NHPTV Manager of Community Relations Bryn Burns was excited for the station to collaborate with the Green Alliance in putting on the event.