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Smuttynose Celebrates 20 Years!

By Craig | Jul 10, 2014 | in

A lot of great things were released in 1994. Oasis debuted their breakout album, "Definitely Maybe," The Lion King and Forrest Gump were in theaters, and Smuttynose Brewing Company released their first beer, Shoals Pale Ale, to the public.

On Sunday, July 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Smuttynose will celebrate 20 years of brewing some of the Granite State's finest beer with vintage beer tastings, Smuttifacts about the past, brewery tours, and of course, there will be birthday cake.

Smuttynose first made its mark brewing out of their original Portsmouth-based facility before moving to a much larger brewery in Hampton this spring. During the tours, visitors will get the chance to learn all about Smuttynose's sustainability initiatives at the new location. The facility was built on farmland featuring a pre-Civil War barn, two carriage houses and a ninteenth century farm house, which was moved 85 yards from its original placement. The farmhouse will become a restaurant featuring dishes inspired by the slow-food movement and is set to open this fall.

The Hampton facility offers the brewery 60,000 to 65,000 barrels of capacity - that's roughly between 15 to 16 million pints - depending on brand and mix and also allows for potential growth to 120,000 barrels. It also features LED-lit on demand lighting, lots of windows and solar tubes for ample light. The move from the old facility has also enabled Smuttynose to reduce their air compressor size by half and should be able to save six million kWh during its lifetime. Other sustainable additions in the new facility include reused and recycled materials, storm water treatment systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), a heat recovery chiller and more.

The celebration's last tour will leave the brewery's Smerch store at 3 p.m., so get there early!

Discount - Green Alliance Members receive 10% on all food (applies to meals for one GA member and guest) at Smuttynose's sister company, The Portsmouth Brewery, located in downtown Portsmouth.

SnAPPii Open House; they’re hiring!

By Emily | Jul 10, 2014 | in

Do you have a passion for smart phones and tablets but don’t know what to do about it? SnAPPii may be able to help you.

Stop by SnAPPii headquarters, 36 Industrial Way Rochester, NH, on July 15th to interview with hiring executives and talk to the team. The event will start at 5 p.m. and go until 8 p.m. with free pizza and beer provided.

SnAPPii is looking for great Sales Reps who are driven, motivated, and have a love for smart phones and tablets. With their rising numbers they are looking for someone who will grow with them and add to their hardworking crew who have thus far helped to develop a unique, ultra-fast platform for making custom mobile Apps faster, better, and less expensive.

Seacoast Energy and Aucella Heating and Cooling Showcase New WoodMaster Boilers

By Magill | Jul 9, 2014 | in

BARRINGTON - Some might say we're blessed to have seasons in New England. From the heat of the summer to the bitter cold of the winter, the region's weather runs the gamut. But that doesn't mean people have to suffer. Two seacoast area companies focused on energy alternatives are coming together to present the newest, cleanest heating technology to get you through the coming winter. On July 19 Seacoast Energy, a local alternative energy distributor, and their installer, Aucella Heating and Cooling, will showcase two of the most affordable and efficient WoodMaster wood boilers and furnaces on the market.

The latest boiler models to be showcased at the event include a WoodMaster mini-boiler and a Flex Fuel Furnace. These WoodMaster models are the most efficient options available from Northwest Manufacturing, a company specializing in clean outdoor wood burning appliances. The boilers utilize biomass to heat homes including the property's water. The Flex Fuel model is a combination of a cordwood and pellet boiler that is 92.5 percent efficient and can heat an entire home at a cost much less than that of propane natural gas and electrical energy sources. For this reason the Flex Fuel Boiler is considered the cleanest, most efficient wood appliance to date.

Riverworks Printing New Eco-Solvent Printer Helps with Large-Scale Jobs

By Magill | Jul 9, 2014 | in

Riverworks Printing constantly seeks to improve upon itself, even as they've become one of the top businesses in their field. As an eco-driven large format printing company, part of that growth includes using the latest in green technology and eco-friendly, biodegradable materials to create print products for homes and businesses.

To keep up with their growing business demands, Riverworks recently added another eco-solvent printer.  The printer is an updated model of the Color Painter Seiko Colorpainter V-64s, the first printer employed by Riverworks. The new Seiko Colorpainter W-64s printer has an increased speed and maintains a rich color density to create high resolution images. Using only IX inks, Riverworks ensures there are no hazardous air pollutants and minimal odor during the printing process.

Post-Landfill Action Network is Hiring!

By Sam | Jul 9, 2014 | in

If you went to UNH in the past few years, you’d probably recognize the name Trash 2 Treasure, the organization that collected unwanted items and resold them in the Whittemore Center, thrift-shop style. Trash 2 Treasure founder Alex Freid has since expanded the reach of the program with the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) as a way to encourage other campuses to establish similar programs on their campuses. It’s caught on, and PLAN has gained national recognition and attention. The organization also has many nonprofit sponsors (such as our friends Climate Counts)! Check out more about PLAN at their website.

PLAN is growing as fast as they’re shrinking landfill waste, which means they’re hiring! Do you or someone you know have: strong leadership skills, a passion for environmental issues, and lots of out-of-the-box ideas? Review the job description and apply to Act fast though, because the deadline is July 18th.

As always, be sure to regularly check our Green Jobs Board for new opportunities to work with an environmental business or organization!

Community Toolbox Celebrates Newly Received Non-profit Status

By Emily | Jul 9, 2014 | in

By Emily Norloff
Green Alliance Writer

A safe and healthy home. That is what Community Toolbox offers their customers. With their three-tier business model, and team of volunteers, Community Toolbox is a non-profit that works like none other.

“We do something special here,” said Cheryl Van Allen, Community Toolbox's Executive Director. “There is a gap in the community's need for affordable repair work and we're here to fill it.”

In June, Community Toolbox celebrated the approval of their 501c3 nonprofit status from the state of New Hampshire with an open house at their Retail Outlet.

The event served as an opportunity for the public to see first-hand how Community Toolbox approaches a project. Dressed in matching light-blue t-shirts, Community Toolbox's team of volunteers were on-hand to answer the public's questions regarding how the Retail Outlet receives the products it sells and the type of work the volunteers do on home projects.

Also in attendance were those members of the community who have received help through Community Toolbox's Fix-It program. Though the open house was short, lasting roughly an hour, the event marked an important moment in Community Toolbox's history.

Construct a Healthy and Sustainable Home with Little Green Homes

By Kyle | Jul 9, 2014 | in

When building or renovating a home, many are focused entirely on the aesthetics of the construction, choosing between fancy wood flooring and granite countertops. What these homeowners may not realize is the potential the framework and surface or “skeleton and skin” of the home hold for green, environmentally friendly installation options. The “skeleton and skin” of a home accounts for everything from paint, lighting, installation and heating options to name a few. Little Green Homes are experts at taking these sustainable options and making them a reality in your home.

Little Green Homes are focused at providing clients with the most energy efficient, most durable and quality materials to improve any homeowners living experience. To decrease the environmental footprint of your home, Little Green Homes have three criteria in mind. First, they only incorporate sustainable and/or recycled materials. This avoids the use of synthetic materials in your home by using natural materials that don’t interrupt the ecological balance of the area they are extracted from. Secondly, the conservation of water and electricity is extremely important in the construction of a Little Green Home by incorporating Energy-Star rated appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Last but not least building “not so big” homes that meet the homeowner’s needs without excess space and materials.

Sail Away with Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company This Summer

By Amanda | Jul 9, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company are teaming up this summer to get Seacoast area residents out on the Piscataqua River. Become a member of the Green Alliance (for only $35) and get a free ticket aboard one of the Gundalow Company’s sails! With sail tickets valued up to $40, there is no better time to join the Green Alliance Community! The membership pays for itself instantly!

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company will also be giving away two tickets weekly all summer long. Thursday, July 10 the Green Alliance will put up a question that can be found on the GA facebook page. The first person to correctly answer the question will receive two tickets for any of the Gundalow Company’s public sails!

The Gundalow Company is a business partner of the Green Alliance, working to bring sustainability to the Seacoast Area. This non-profit strives to connect community members with the historic icon of river commerce, while simultaneously working to encourage a sense of environmental stewardship for the region’s waterways.

Forrest Frizzell Boogie fundraiser at Skydive New England

By Emily | Jul 9, 2014 | in

Living a life of adventure means that injury is inevitable at some point. Unfortunately, that time has come for adventure seeker Forrest Frizzell. While skiing the diagonal at Huntington’s Ravine on Mount Washington, Forrest, boyfriend and great friend of Green Alliance photographer Lenka Flaherty, broke his back.

In an effort to take some of the financial burden of the injury off Frizzell’s shoulders, a fundraiser has been organized. The fundraiser will be held on July 19th at Skydive New England in Lebanon, ME. It will start at 8 a.m. and go until sunset. There will be raffle tickets available all day; prizes include a free tandem jump, two half day rock climbing tours, half day sea kayaking tour, private tour and tasting and Baxter Brewing Company, a free one year Zev Yoga membership, a Green Alliance membership, discounts on skydiving equipment, and many more goodies!

FootGolf Kicks Off in New Hampshire

By Sam | Jul 9, 2014 | in

So you’re watching the World Cup, thinking “Eh, these guys are a bunch of hacks. I could play better than them!”


Alright, maybe not, and if you did think that, you’re probably wrong. You know what you can do though? Play FootGolf, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

If you haven’t heard yet, FootGolf is sweeping the globe, starting in Europe in 2009, to the United States, and eventually New England. Sagamore Golf in North Hampton is the first in the area to offer the game, which involves kicking a soccer ball across a regulation golf course, and into a soccer ball-sized hole. The rules are the same as golf, but perfect for soccer players and people of all ages who want to get the golf course experience.

Green Alliance Welcomes Lenka Flaherty Photography!

By Craig | Jul 9, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance is proud to welcome Lenka Flaherty Photography!

Flaherty first fell in love with the medium of photography as a child in the Czech Republic. Watching her parents snap photos as they traveled inspired a life-long passion within Flaherty to try and capture the beauty of the nature with her camera lens.

"Nature to me is what is important, it's the place where we live, the place we enjoy, and to me mountains and woods and rivers give me satisfaction to be in and around," said Flaherty.

Flaherty earned her Masters in Environmental Engineering before moving to the United States in 2003 where she pursued her passion for photography at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. She studied with some of the top names in the wedding photography industry including; Kevin Focht, Doug Gordon and David Ziser.

Today Flaherty is one of the most requested photographers in the area. Her portraits and wedding portfolio gorgeously capture her clients' happiest moments. With her travel and environmental photography, Flaherty hopes to inspire all those who view her work to recognize the beauty of our planet's natural landscapes and wildlife and work to preserve it.

Acorn Organic Salon Shines Bright in New Dover Location

By Amanda | Jul 9, 2014 | in

Six years ago, Acorn Organic Salon opened with a single mission in mind: to provide customers with a multitude of animal-friendly, sustainable products and services that spoke to the Seacoast region’s ever-greening sensibilities. Today that mission is still very much alive, just in a different place. Situated neatly underneath Dover Natural Marketplace, the move seems fitting.

Though the new location is smaller than Acorn’s flagship location, owner Laura MacKay is embracing its charm.

“People like the new location a lot better,” she said. We have more sunshine here, a better view, we’ve had people come in before that have lived in Dover their whole lives and never new we existed because we were hidden in our old location.”

Downsizing in space unfortunately also meant downsizing in services. Due to lack of space and demand, Acorn Salon no longer offers manicures and pedicures.

“We still sell the nail polish, but we did have some customers who were bummed out because nail salons are such a toxic environment, however were focusing on what we do best and love to do, and that’s hair,” she said. The new space has also enabled them to cut down on energy costs. “We rewired this location to provide us with just the amount of energy we needed, no more, and no less.” By doing so, they are saving hundreds of dollars monthly on utilities, according to MacKay.

Our Town Energy Alliance Helping Keep Costs Down

By Clay | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Some things really are just as good as they seem and Our Town Energy Alliance is one of them! For over a decade the OTEA has prided themselves on being able to help their members save money all while helping them to also reduce their lasting impact on the environment.

When Dan and Cate saw that the price of heating oil, propane and kerosene was on the rise they wanted to start the OTEA to help people find energy and fuel at cheaper costs. The OTEA was started in 1999 with the primary idea of helping senior citizens save on heating cost in the cold winter months. However, since then the OTEA has grown to help all types of families and commercial and non-profit businesses.

For a small membership fee, the OTEA works as a third party to research pricing plans and find the optimal amount of savings for their members. The OTEA works only with trusted oil-vendors that have proven track records in the past.

The way you save comes from strength in numbers. OTEA members pool their purchasing power and are able to negotiate lower prices with the energy vendors. They takes all of the needs of their members and seek out and talk to the vendors for them. From there, the vendors make an offer to the members and they can either accept or deny the offered price. If they accept the members work with the vendor directly like they normally would and if they choose to deny the offer, they will have to wait to the next round of bidding.

Women's Self Defense Workshop

By Kelly | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Zev Yoga of Exeter NH is putting on a Women's Self Defense Workshop "Grace under Pressure".  Are you ready to unlock your inner warrior? Attend this class for $25 per person, or $40 for a combined mother/daughter fee.  If you are interested in this great informational class attend it on Saturday, August 9 from 9 - 10:30 a.m. at the Zev Yoga studio.  Some of what you will learn in this class includes; what to do if you are being assaulted, the key to mastering control of your emotions and energy, how to find composure in chaos and how to handle your attacker regardless of your strength or size.  Attend this class to learn about these topics and more! 

Seacoast resident Chris Yonker will be teaching this class and is a 7 degree Black Belt in Sanchin Ryu Karate.  He has been instructing this American/ Okinawan style of karate since 1990, and holds weekly classes through Exeter Parks and Recreation. Chris takes a fun, dynamic, and grounded approach to Self Defense and Personal Mastery. 

To view more information about Zev Yoga, and their class schedule visit their website here!  

Green Member card holders can purchase a one month trial membership at any Zev Yoga studio for $25! Annual memberships start at $25/month for new members and $40/month for returning members as well!


Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity is Redhook's Community Giveback July Recipient

By Amanda | Jul 8, 2014 | in

In the beginning of 2013, the Redhook Ale Brewery kicked off their community give-back program. The program was designed to help local nonprofits raise extra funds and give them the opportunity to increase awareness of their cause. For the year of 2013, the brewery donated ten percent of its total restaurant sales on Tuesdays to various local charities, choosing one charity for each month of 2013. A year and a half later, the program is still going strong.

The goal of the program is to build relationships with local charities so that the brewery and the local community have more opportunities to give back. The requisites of the program were that the charities were local and meaningful to the brewery so that the program could have the most impact to our community.

This month’s recipient is Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity. Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that works to build and renovate decent, affordable homes to those in need. Their mission is simple, to eliminate poverty housing in Southeast New Hampshire. SENH Habitat for Humanity ReStore raises money through donations and programs such as Redhook’s as well as through SENH Habitat for Humanity ReStore. SENH Habitat for Humanity ReStore offers donated, new and reusable building materials.