Blog : Ridgeview Construction: it's not just green building, it’s smart building

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

It has been nine years since Shane Carter founded Ridgeview Construction, a sustainable building and remodeling company. Ridgeview knows how to transform any customer’s standard, inefficient house into a sustainable home. From blueprints and preparation to construction and finishing touches, Carter and his team consider every small detail. Ridgeview doesn't operate according to the “more, cheaper, faster" philosophy of other building companies, instead paying careful attention to design and precision.

Ridgeview Construction works on small-scale renovations, large scale customized homes, and everything in between. By discussing priorities and expenses with customers, Ridgeview can determine the right plan of action that is cost-efficient and offers clients the aesthetics and green options they desire. Each job is done in a sustainable manner and incorporates Low Impact Development strategies when dealing with road and driveway construction, storm water drainage and hydrology management, all while protecting the surrounding environmental resources.

Typically, Carter incorporates solar panels and heat pumps to each home he builds and remodels. These panels heat the home and water, as well as act as a source of local power for electrical purposes. “All solar and heat panel products are stable, efficient, and affordable," Carter said.

Recently, Carter has become interested in net zero modular homes. This is a new concept of sustainability and building for Ridgeview Construction and similar businesses. “We’ve been building net zero timber homes, but the module component of this is new, and we’re excited about that! It delivers the home much sooner, all together taking about two months to finish as opposed to the standard six," said Carter.

With his interest in modular homes, Carter wants to change the perception of prefabricated home building showcasing them not as cheap housing, but as a new option in sustainable living. Carter's goal is to build better homes while not adversely affect the environment.

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