Blog : Our Town Energy Alliance Helping Keep Costs Down

By Clay | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Some things really are just as good as they seem and Our Town Energy Alliance is one of them! For over a decade the OTEA has prided themselves on being able to help their members save money all while helping them to also reduce their lasting impact on the environment.

When Dan and Cate saw that the price of heating oil, propane and kerosene was on the rise they wanted to start the OTEA to help people find energy and fuel at cheaper costs. The OTEA was started in 1999 with the primary idea of helping senior citizens save on heating cost in the cold winter months. However, since then the OTEA has grown to help all types of families and commercial and non-profit businesses.

For a small membership fee, the OTEA works as a third party to research pricing plans and find the optimal amount of savings for their members. The OTEA works only with trusted oil-vendors that have proven track records in the past.

The way you save comes from strength in numbers. OTEA members pool their purchasing power and are able to negotiate lower prices with the energy vendors. They takes all of the needs of their members and seek out and talk to the vendors for them. From there, the vendors make an offer to the members and they can either accept or deny the offered price. If they accept the members work with the vendor directly like they normally would and if they choose to deny the offer, they will have to wait to the next round of bidding.

Although it is the summer and heating your home may seem like it is in the distant future, online enrollment with Our Town is now available through their website. The earlier that you sign up the higher your potential savings can be! The price per bid will increase as the heating season gets closer and closer, so sign up now and get ready to save!

Membership is open to homes and businesses in most of New Hampshire and some areas in ME, MA, VT and RI.

Green Alliance members save 20% on OTEA membership fees! Not a member?

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