Blog : Lower Your Carbon Footprint the Simple Way

By Ali | Jul 14, 2014 | in

Simply Green is not your average home fueling company, in fact they are far from it. The company was started in Stratham, New Hampshire in 2007 and has sown the seeds of biofuel across the seacoast, providing environmentally-friendly fuel to the community. This summer, they have extended their role in the community even further and are proudly sponsoring Rye Youth Softball and Kittery Little League. As one of the Seacoast’s most iconic symbols of green progress, they offer locally derived 100% recycled vegetable bioheat and biodiesel as an oil and petroleum diesel alternative for your home or car.

There is no other business around that can offer exactly what Simply Green does, or who can lower your household CO2 emissions so drastically. Simply Green claims that their biodiesel and bioheat can run with little to no modifications on diesel vehicles and oil burning homes!

The cost of the fuel for car and homeowners may even be better for not only the environment but your wallet as well. Using Biodiesel in your vehicle will reduce carbon emissions by 2,400 pounds, and using it in your home would create a 68 percent reduction in CO2 emissions!

Currently, Simply Green is focusing on what they call the ‘prebuy season’. According to Simply Green Marketing Manager Jenny Marshall, “This is something that comes around every year about this time and is beneficial to customers who want to lock in for their winter fuel at a lower summer price, and want to set up a budget scheme for the coming year – spreading their fuel bills over as much as 10 months of equal payments rather than dealing with spiking bills in winter when there’s all kinds of other calls on the family budget, like holidays and winter clothes.”

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