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By Emily | Jul 31, 2014 | in

By Sam Ueda

The light-hearted irony of the success of Jenaly Technology Group is that for a company who helps businesses with dozens of IT problems like safeguarding data, Business Development Specialist Kathy Scannell says the biggest compliment is when people are talking about them.

“The vast majority of our clients are referrals from other clients,” said Scannell. “That says a lot about our company. There is simply no greater compliment than a referral.”

Safe-guarding data, however, is only a small portion of what this IT firm specializes in for its clients. Whether it be creating some hybrid Cloud-like data saving solutions or utilizing an economically-sound system to help clients go virtual or even providing an effective Help Desk support center, Jenaly has been around every aspect of IT needs.

Scannell believes the key to success for an IT firm is just as much about expertise as it is about customer service. The company earned both a Managed Services and Security + Trustmark from the Computer Technology Industry Association, the global non-profit trade association for the IT industry.

Similar to the importance of a CPA accreditation with an accountant, or the BAR exam for lawyers, the CompTIA accreditation essentially helps assure clients that Jenaly adopts accepted industry practices in their work and has appropriate controls, continuing education and quality standards in place. As a vendor neutral certification body, the Trustmark also assures that Jenaly's technology solutions are based on what is best for their clients and not a result of pushing any one specific brand solution.


“(The Trustmark) provides a vendor-neutral objective assessment of the firms operational and technical capabilities,” said Scannell, “and provides a level of assurance to the end client that has not previously existed in our industry.”

Of course, the other half to success when working for a client-driven company is customer satisfaction. The firm also participates in a national peer group of IT companies to discuss industry trends and issues which will impact clients in the most effective way. This peer group has evolved into an active board of advisors for Jenaly to help keep the company on the leading edge of delivering services that provide real and measurable value for their clients.

“We want our clients to think of us as an extension of their own staff,” she said. “That's what a partnership is all about and why we use the word 'concierge' to describe our philosophy for IT service delivery.”

Though the company has created this in-depth template of IT efficiency for their clients, Jenaly also offers hints and tips to the public that could change what one thinks about safe and effective computer-based services. In addition to using social media as a resource to project their “daily tips and tidbits”, MJ Shoer, the president of the company, also maintains a blog about business IT issues. He has even written two books about the relationship between customer satisfaction and professional IT services.

Shoer also contributes several columns for local media and discusses IT services with the press, which, Scannell claims, has not only helped bring the company's message to a broader audience but has also offered businesses a taste of how their current IT systems could be improved.

“All these generate awareness and, in many cases, inquiries about our services,” said Scannell.

When Shoer founded the company in 1997, he wanted to take his IT firm in a direction against the grain which would not only save his clients the headache of computer trouble but also save them money in energy cost as well. To make their services more “green”, Scannell claims that the firm has helped several companies go completely paperless, which in turn helped save tens of thousands of dollars in records retention cost. Consultations with their clients also consist of suggestions for IT solutions which require far less electricity.

The IT firm also became a partner with the Green Alliance, a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices, and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its members.

In terms of clients, Scannell claims that no business is too small when they are asking for help. Even start-up companies have found success with proper guidance and a professional approach to dealing with situations under pressure.

“We have worked with companies from the start-up stage—with literally two employees—to market success and acquisition over a period of ten or more years,” Scannell said. “Recently we helped a local company implement a lean and efficient IT infrastructure that allowed them to become a market leader in their industry that led to their ultimate acquisition.”

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