Blog : Keep New Hampshire Public Television Up and Running

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Today, families across New Hampshire are watching their favorite shows on New Hampshire Public Television; people everywhere are streaming Nova, Frontline, and American Experience on Teachers utilize NHPTV materials to expanding learning opportunities for their students. While technology shifts and television changes, it is comforting to many knowing that NHPTV remains committed to the programming its viewers have come to know and love. The commercial free programming is engaging minds, connecting communities, and celebrating the region in an educational and entertaining way.

Since becoming an independent nonprofit in 2011, NHPTV is now fueled solely by its viewers and donations. Each donation goes towards keeping the system running smoothly and programs playing consistently. Many of NHPTV’s educational resources and workshops are offered free of charge to educators, parents and children. Their station offers a wide range of topics: literacy, health care, childhood obesity, bullying, aging, and the environment. NHPTV is partnering with New Hampshire communities and organizations to spread the word of these important topics.

June 30 was the last day of their fiscal year; without generous donations they will be unable to pay for the programs that you love. Click here to donate and show your support.